Plaster gauze

Plaster gauze is suitable for modelling work where you have to build a model or cast a face, hands and similar. Making your own masks is easy with plaster gauze. Place the plaster gauze in water. Wait a few seconds and it's ready to use. Choose between several widths and packs with several rolls of plaster gauze.



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How to use plaster gauze

Have you ever tried to work with plaster gauze? If not, don't be scared. It is actually relatively easy and straightforward to use. It is a creative expression that is ideal for both children and adults.

And not only is plaster gauze a light material, but it is also a relatively cheap material that can be purchased in different width sizes in our range. Simply place the plaster gauze in water and, after a few seconds, it will be ready for use. Time after time, you will be left with a beautiful and successful result.

Compared to plaster casting, plaster gauze can be a slightly more manageable creative project, that both adults and children can participate in. Plaster gauze is an extremely popular material for a wide range of different creative projects. Plaster gauze consists of pads that pre-treated with plaster powder. When you dip the gauze in water, you can stick it to all kinds of materials – such as metal, plastic, polystyrene, and many more. All our plaster gauze is of very good quality. But a good tip is that, if you want a sturdy creation, then layer it with several layers of gauze.

Plaster gauze is an exciting material that can be used by both adults and children. It's the type of material that will immediately bring you great joy. Read on and get inspired by how you can unfold your own (and your children’s) creativity using plaster gauze.

Create beautiful decorations using plaster gauze rolls
The possibilities wen using plaster gauze are countless– only your creativity can set the limits. It doesn't take many materials to create a unique product that can decorate your home or be given away as a gift. Of course, you can always look through our extensive catalogue of ideas for some great suggestions on how to use plaster gauze. However, we would like to highlight some great ideas below. Read on and get inspired.

  • Create some candlesticks. Make your own beautiful candlesticks– exclusively made from plaster gauze and glass. Feel free to use some old jam jars that are just standing around the house collecting ornaments. Decorate these glass jars with plaster gauze, ideally use only one layer or two, so that the tealight can still shine through beautifully. This is the perfect way to add a little cosiness to your home – and is suitable for both winter and summer. They can be used both outdoors and indoors. A good tip is also to use them as party and table decorations.

  • Make unique small bowls. There is plenty of opportunity to create small, pretty bowls using plaster gauze rolls. Stick plaster gauze on the bottom of an inflated balloon, and preferably add several layers of plaster gauze so that the bowl becomes relatively robust and more durable. Inflate the balloon to the size that you want on your bowl to be – e.g. make them in both large and small sizes and match them in the same colour afterwards. Use the bowls for jewellery storage, or create small ornaments to put in them, e.g. using potpourri and the like. Doesn't that sound like a nice and cosy project? Click here to find a visual guide on how to create these pretty bowls.

So there are many opportunities to create something incredibly beautiful out of plaster gauze rolls, and it won't cost much money.

Make face masks with the kids
This is a creative project that has been on done for many years at various day care institutions, after-school centres, and schools. And for good reason. Making face masks with the children using plaster gauze is both an entertaining and creative project, and it is relatively easy to do.

Click here and follow our guide on how you and your children can create face masks. The children will find it an incredibly entertaining project – and will find it fun to apply gauze to their face.
If face masks are to be made directly on the skin, it is always a good idea to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly (or a rich cream) to help prevent the skin from becoming irritated and red afterwards.

Once the gauze has dried, it is of course time to decorate the mask, which you can in all good conscience use hours to do. The masks can either be decorated in a lifelike manner, e.g. with glasses, freckles, moles, etc. Or you can also go full throttle with colours and patterns and unleash your creativity. Remember that you can find all the accessories for decorating the face masks here on our webshop, e.g. glitter, markers and paint. The masks can either be used for play or decoration in the child’s room. They can also be used for various dress up parties, Halloween and Shrovetide.

The creative project of making face masks is a cosy game that can be arranged for children’s birthdays, or as entertainment during your children’s holidays, when they need to be a little extra spoiled.

The children will probably soon be crying out for even more creative projects using plaster gauze. Fortunately, there is a quick solution to this – such as balloons and plaster gauze, from which you can make all sorts of fun and crazy things. 

Can be used by both adults and children

Plaster and plaster gauze can, as you may have already noticed, be used by all age groups. It is an easy material to work with and does not require great creative skills.

One piece of advice is to buy disposable gloves or rubber gloves so that you don't get too much plaster on your fingers. Otherwise, it is just a matter of getting started on your creative project. What are you waiting for? Buy your plaster gauze today and get it delivered within a few business days.

If you would like to play with plaster even more, click here to find our plaster compound, which also offers many creative projects. Working with plaster casting requires a bit more from the user – it requires e.g. a little more focus on the process – and a certain amount of patience, as it is a process that extends over several days. But it is worth embarking on, as you can create more robust creations, which therefore naturally have a longer shelf life than plaster gauze.

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