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Peg Board, size 17x15.5 cm, JUMBO , transparent, heart, 1pc

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Peg boards for jumbo fuse beads.
size 17x15,5 cm, JUMBO
CE mark
Not for children under 3 years
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 10341 3D Easter chicken made of fuse beads
  • Inspiration: 13929 A Pot made from colourful Nabbi Fuse Beads
  • Inspiration: 14233 Tiles made from Nabbi Beads on Peg Boards
  • Inspiration: 14558 Nabbi Fuse Bead Stars decorated with Pom-poms
  • Inspiration: 14994 Polar Animals from Nabbi Fuse Beads on a Pegboard
  • Inspiration: 14995 Nabbi Fuse Bead Snowflakes
  • Inspiration: 15341 Flowers from Nabbi Fuse Beads and Pipe Cleaners with Pom-poms
  • Inspiration: 15342 Easter Bunnies made from Nabbi Fuse Beads with Pom-pom Tails
  • Inspiration: 15343 Easter Chicks made from Nabbi Fuse Beads on a Pegboard
  • Inspiration: 15344 Easter Eggs from Nabbi Fuse Beads
  • Inspiration: 15345 An Easter Garland made from Nabbi Fuse Bead Easter Bunnies, Easter Eggs, Flowers and an Easter Chick