Natural pearls and gemstones

Large selection of natural beads and gems to make your own homemade jewellery and decorations. Browse a broad range of beads, including natural beads, gems, clay beads, howlite beads, scallop shells, ceramic beads, Katsuki beads, lava beads, resin beads and stone beads. Choose from many colours and bead sets with assorted beads.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Create your own unique jewellery with natural pearls and gems

Natural pearls and gems are the right choice for those with creative fingers who love to make their own jewellery. With natural pearls and gemstones, a whole new world of possibilities opens up when it comes to bodily decoration, and if you love to dress in beautiful colours and materials, homemade jewellery with natural pearls and gemstones is just the right activity to get you started.

It’s also fun to make your own jewellery, and you can easily spend an entire afternoon in creative revery, if you get started assembling natural pearls, clay beads and gems into beautiful pieces.

When you make your own jewellery, you will also have a unique style that no one else can imitate. Your homemade jewellery is your own, with your very own personal designs that reflect who you are as a person. That is why there’s nothing better than throwing yourself into jewellery making if you want to create a beautiful and personal style for yourself that stands out from the crowd.

With natural pearls and gems, you also have the opportunity to make some designs that can't be found in the shops. If you’ve always dreamed of a unique combination of colours or a necklace with some very special natural pearls or gemstones, homemade jewellery is the key to fulfilling your dreams.

The good thing about making homemade jewellery with natural pearls, clay beads and gems is that you can create almost everything you want. With our wide range of natural pearls, gems and much more on this page, you can truly unleash your creativity and create amazing, unique jewellery that is just right for you.

Unleash your creativity and make your own decorations

Natural pearls, clay beads and gemstones are the obvious choices for jewellery making. But if you think a little out of the box and turn up the creativity, you will find that our assortment on this page can also be used for much more than making jewellery.

Our natural pearls and gemstones are beautiful in every respect, which is why you can easily use them in other creative projects where you need some beautiful pearls, some beautiful stones or other decorative elements.

For example, if you would like to add some extra vibrancy and colour to this year’s Christmas ornaments, you can choose some of our beautiful natural pearls and gemstones that will go well with any beautiful decoration. You can choose natural pearls and gems in Christmas colours, or you can rev it up with a rainbow and perhaps add some of our seashells for a beautifully unique ornament.

All other types of home decorations can also be spiced up with beautiful natural pearls and gemstones, where you can choose flower pearls, animal pearls and much more to make your decorations unique.

Creative play with the whole family

If you ever tried to play with beads as a child, you will know just how entertaining an activity it is for children. So if you have children yourself, they are sure to love sitting at home with you, doing creative projects with natural pearls, clay beads, gems and much more.

Projects involving natural pearls and gemstones are ideal for children, and jewellery making, for example, is a sure hit that will give your children hours of creative pleasure with loads of lovely, child-friendly natural pearls and gems to choose from.

Your kids will love making their own jewellery with you, and the many beautiful colours and patterns they will find in our natural pearls and gemstones will surely make them throw aside phones and tablets in favour of creative time with you.

If you need a creative project that you can start with children, jewellery making with natural pearls and gems is a great place to start.

Large assortment of natural pearls

At Creativ Company, we have selected a wide assortment of natural pearls, clay beads, gems and much more, so that you always have a world of choices for your personal jewellery or decorations.

You’ll find a wide range of different types of pearls and stones, available in a wealth of different colours and patterns, along with other popular jewellery-making components, such as scallop shells and Katsuki.

Our wide assortment gives you the opportunity to create new, unique jewellery or decorations every time, and you will always find something exciting among our products, to gives you completely new opportunities to be creative.

Be inspired for your next project with natural pearls and gems

At Creativ Company, we love to be creative, and we also hope to inspire you when you visit our website. That’s why we have made an idea catalogue for those who would really like to get started on being creative, but who just need a good idea or a little inspiration.

Getting started can be difficult if you’ve never made any jewellery, and it can be difficult to come up with new ideas if you think you have tried most things.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, you can take a look at our idea catalogue, where we have gathered a lot of different projects that you can throw yourself into with natural pearls, clay beads, gems and much more.

In our idea catalogue you will find detailed guides on how to make different pieces of jewellery so you have something to base yourself on and so you know what you end up with when it is all done.

It is therefore easy to make beautiful jewellery on your own by looking at our idea catalogue, where you will also find a complete shopping list with everything you need to get started.

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