Presents for Mother's day

Once a year pamper Mum on Mother's Day, even better, how about a present you have made yourself. We have lots of ideas including jewellery and greeting cards.



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A large selection of guides for those wishing to make a Mother’s Day themselves

Mother is the best, which is why she naturally deserves something special as Mother’s Day approaches. Mother’s Day is the day when you can unconditionally celebrate your mother and everything she has done for you with something special that will show your love for her.

Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, one that started when you were born, and has continued full-time until today, if you haven't left home yet. You can best honour her effort by giving a personal Mother’s Day gift that is unique because it was created by you and your love for your mother.

That’s why we’ve put together a wide assortment of different Mother’s Day gift ideas on this page, to give you many options for showing your love for your mother. However, the difference between our gift ideas and others you might around is that these are gifts you have to make yourself, thus the sure opportunities to add your personal touch.

A homemade Mother’s Day gift will undoubtedly be a hit with your mum, because there is nothing you can buy that compares to the time and love you put into a gift you make yourself.

If you would like to make a Mother’s Day gift yourself, just take a look at this page for plenty of inspiration for creative gift ideas. Simply click on one of our Mother’s Day gift ideas on this page and you will find a comprehensive guide on how to make it.

The guide contains all the steps you need to create something uniquely attractive for your mother, and at Creativ Hobby we have also gathered the products you need for the gift, so you can easily buy everything at once, thus not wasting time looking for the right components and materials.

It has never been easier to make a unique, personal Mother’s Day gift, and our gift ideas on this page are the perfect choice for those who love to be creative and want to surprise their mother with something different but just need the right idea for what this year’s homemade Mother’s Day gift should be.

Why you should make a gift for Mother’s Day yourself

You probably remember how you, as a child in kindergarten, used to make gifts that your parents were happy to receive for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. And even if you’re not a kid anymore, your mum will surely still love getting a homemade Mother’s Day gift from you.

Your mum is sure to love receiving something created by your hands and imagination. That’s why a homemade Mother’s Day gift is a sure hit that doesn't match anything you can buy in the shops.

When you make a Mother’s Day gift yourself, it tells her that you still appreciate her, as there is nothing more valuable than the time you spend being creative to delight another person.

Of course, you don't need to make a clay ashtray or a questionable drawing with your coloured pencils, as you did in kindergarten, because with our many ideas and guides for a homemade Mother’s Day gift on this page, you have every chance to take the homemade gifts to a new level.

So you can easily make something that can be used in a modern household and will fit in well in a modern interior. You can also make a Mother’s Day gift of something that your mother actually needs, that she will benefit from on a daily basis in the kitchen, for example.

Therefore, a homemade Mother’s Day gift can easily match purchased gifts in terms of functionality and design, but when you make it yourself, it will convey much more soul and personality, and in the end this is what your mother will appreciate in her Mother’s Day gift.

What homemade Mother’s Day gift should your mother have?

Our ideas for a unique Mother’s Day gift are many and diverse, and you therefore have a wide assortment of options for a gift that will suit your mother perfectly. But what’s your mother going to have? It may be difficult to choose from our wide selection, so it is a good idea to approach this as you would any other gift purchase.

Start by looking at what your mother really likes and how she likes to decorate her home, or what she likes to use every day. If your mother loves to use jewellery, a homemade piece is the obvious choice, while a homemade, personal pot holder will certainly be appreciated by a mother who loves to cook.

If your mother loves small or large knick-knacks and decorations, you will also find a wealth of options for creating something beautiful and modern that can be hung on the wall, for example, where it will add personality and individual style.

If your mum has a green thumb and loves everything that grows, consider making a personal flowerpot that will make its green contents even more vivid.

In other words, your options are many, so you can definitely find inspiration for the perfect gift if you browse through this page's many ideas for a homemade  Mother’s Day gift.

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