Presents for Father's day

If you are giving your dad a present on Father's day, grab one of our many ideas for home-made presents, and why not add a Father's Day greeting card, created, to make any Father proud.



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Father’s Day – celebrate it with style

On 5 June each year, you get the chance to give your father a very special day and show him he means something special to you. Of course, you can do this every day, but 5 June is Father’s Day, so something extra has to be planned for your dad.

But what do you give the man who has everything? Something homemade, of course. Then your dad can really feel that you’ve thought of him. Perhaps your children’s father needs spoiling, so it's lucky that you can find countless great ideas and instructions in our huge catalogue of ideas on this page.

Make your own homemade Father’s Day gift

There’s nothing like getting homemade gifts. No matter how successfully they turn out, you can always feel the love and consideration that has been invested in them. It warms the heart in a very special way. That's why it's an extra good idea to be creative with your own hands when making a Father’s Day gift.

You can start by considering whether there's actually something he needs that you could make. Maybe he'd like a couple of new tea towels that you’ve decorated nicely with textile dye, stencils and stamps. Or maybe you'd rather use something from nature as decoration. You can make potato prints, apple prints and leaf prints, for example.

If your dad has everything, there’s probably still room for something that's decorative and makes him think of you at the same time. Then you can just make a picture or a painting with some of our lovely materials. You can find paint canvases, paint and frames here at Creativ Company. And of course you can find brushes too.

Have you considered making a picture with ? Try drawing a sketch on a canvas and then filling it in with Silk Clay in different colours. The result is a picture in relief where the motif stands out from the frame. and it creates a lovely and unusual effect.

Make your Father’s Day gift from scratch

Maybe you want to be creative from scratch when making your Father’s Day gift. At Creativ Company, you can find all the materials you need to create whatever work of art or object you have in mind. Whether it’s a key ring made in hobby felt or leather, or a stylish hanging mobile for the workroom, we've got all the materials and elements you need.

You might also prefer to use some of the materials you have at home, but just need that little extra something to bring it all together. Then have a look at our website and perhaps you'll find it here.

If, contrary to expectations, you can't find exactly what you need, please try contacting our customer service and they'll help you find an alternative, or maybe they can order the items you need.

Get help making the perfect Father’s Day gift

If you don't want to start from scratch, but would like some inspiration, then you've come to the right place. We offer a huge selection of ideas in all levels of difficulty, so even the youngest children can join in.

For example, there are instructions on how to make a mosaic out of card. All you need is small pieces of coloured , a paper plate and a glue stick. If you like, you can always add sequins or glitter or whatever you have lying around at home. The basic idea is to glue the card onto the paper plate in a specific pattern or at random. You might also consider painting the paper plate first. It can become a fine work of art that can be hung decoratively above dad’s work table.

Maybe your dad is a big coffee or tea drinker? What could be better than giving him his very own personal mug? We have lots of porcelain markers and transfer stickers, so you can decorate a mug however you like to suit your dad. Just remember not to put a mug with porcelain paint in the dishwasher. Even though it says the paint can withstand it, dishwashers can be rough on the mug's decoration.

Shrink plastic sheets are always a hit. Draw something beautiful, cosy, cheeky or funny on the plastic. Colour it in nicely and cut it out if necessary. Then put the plastic in the oven and it will shrink. Try watching it through the oven door, it looks so funny. Remember to follow the instructions on the pack. The figure you've made from the shrink plastic sheet can be hung on a key ring or attached to a string to hang in the window. It looks beautiful when the sun shines through it.

Give and receive peace when making your Father’s Day gift

One of the best things you can give a father of young children is peace. Just a moment of peace. So maybe your gift should be a creative project you can do together. In this way, both you and your father can enjoy peace of mind and body while you immerse yourself in your joint creative project. If there are any grandchildren, it also presents an ideal opportunity to enjoy creativity together across several generations.

It's important to remember to clear your head once in a while in hectic everyday life. Small creative projects are excellent at this. Often you have to use your brain to immerse yourself in your project, leaving no space for thoughts and worries about packed lunches, homework and bosses. Another benefit is the fact that being creative in one area of your life rubs off on others. So a creative project at home can make you a better problem solver at work. It’s a total win-win situation.

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