Children's fancy-dress parties

Lots of inspiration for this year's fancy-dress party, from costumes to decorations. Be inspired by our “How To” face painting guides to create the best look.

Children's fancy-dress parties
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Lots of inspiration for this year's fancy-dress party, from costumes to decorations. Be inspired by our “How To” face painting guides to create the best look.



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Get inspiration for homemade Shrovetide ornaments

Have a Shrovetide party! Our range is brimming with creative Shrovetide projects that everyone can enjoy regardless of age and creative experience. Because we have so many Shrovetide ideas, we will share them with you for free.

On this page we have gathered all the fun, easy, challenging, beautiful, silly, dangerous and cute elements that can help to complete your or your child’s Shrovetide costume.

Regardless of your preconditions and how creative you are, it can be good  to look for inspiration online and see how others have dressed when transforming into a pirate, a tiger, or a robot. Here at Creativ Company, we love to share our creative ideas for you to play with it. First, here are just a few words about how this page works.

Creative and easy step-by-step guides

Shrovetide is for everyone. It’s fun, educational, and sometimes colourful too. You don't have to invent the wheel every year and do something that the world has never seen before. As long as you have fun with it, everything is good.

That’s why we have created this inspirational page, where we hope you will find exactly the costume with the accessories and decorations that you want.

This inspiration page serves as a creative catalogue with lots of easy step-by-step instructions for making:

  • Carnival masks in all shapes and sizes
  • Pretty face paint with pictures
  • Traditional and unconventional Shrovetide ris for every taste
  • Shrovetide barrels with decorations
  • Shrovetide decorations for everyone.
  • Key decorations to complete the look

...and much, much more. When you have found what you want to make, just click on it. There you will find detailed instructions that are easy to follow. It shows you exactly what you need to buy here in the shop in order to create exactly what you want.

Have a look at these that you can create in any way you like, or make your own beautiful trumpetists.

Create imaginative costumes for adults and children

Shrovetide is one of the only times each year when your imagination can have free rein. There is no limit to the creativity you and your children can enjoy– like creating a beautiful, unique costume for the big party when you can knock the cat out of the barrel.

At Creativ Company, we have everything you need to make the costumes yourself, with all the accessories you could imagine, such as a nurse, a knight, or a lion. When you click on the costume or disguise that you want to make, you will also receive a list of the materials that you'll need. Nothing is binding. Of course, you can make all the fun and creative changes you want.

For example, you could add a face masku as part of the costume. Face masks are super fun to make. Both children and adults can enjoy decorating the masks with everything from paint, feathers and rhinestones to , glitter and natural elements.

Great face paint for everyone

In addition to the clothes and accessories themselves, there is another really nice activity you can do together, which has a huge effect on the Shrovetide costume. For a lot of costumes, it makes sense to add some colour to the face. Will your child be a dangerous lion, a scary dinosaur, a majestic giraffe, a beautiful princess, or a cool Spiderman? Yes, help is also available for creative face painting.

Face painting instructions contain an image by image guide, showing you what to paint. In this way, everyone – regardless of their creative abilities and imagination – can create great face paint. There's just something very special about wearing face paint. It completes your costume in a way that no other accessory can.

Of course, it’s not only fun to dress up during Shrovetide. Halloween is also becoming more and more popular. On this page, you can also find a guide to face painting that fits perfectly with Halloween costumes – such as mummies, pirates, bird faces, or disguises with wounds.

You may also want to throw a themed dress up party, or a children’s birthday party that requires guests to dress up. If so, you can also find a lot of inspiration here for everyone's costumes.

Decorate with homemade ornaments for Shrovetide –  at home and at the Shrovetide party

The time is approaching. Your costume is ready, or at least planned. You are going to have a Shrovetide party at home, at school, or you just love decorating for each special occasion. Then it is fortunate that this page contains a lot of wonderful inspiration for how you can make Shrovetide, the barrel, and the ornaments extra fun to look at.

Make a Sunday before Shrovetide even more fun by sitting down and creating a wide range of cute rattling creatures on sticks. You can put them in pot plants, walk around rattling them, or whatever you like. They are pretty and can be clowns, cats, ducks, pirates, and princesses.

You can also make your own figures and shapes to decorate your home's Shrovetide ris. Decorating Shrovetide ris can be done using almost anything you have on hand, such as crepe paper, EVA foam, cardboard, small eyes, feathers, and much more.

In addition, you can make flag banners, decorate the barrel itself, decorate the walls with papier mâché glitter masks, and make your very own royal king and queen crowns for the winners.

What do you and your children dream of dressing up as? An animal? A witch, or maybe a postman? No matter what direction the costume is headed in, and how much you want to get out of it, there is definitely some creative input on this page that you can use to make the right outfit for the day.

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