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Immerse yourself in painting and drawing on paper

Spending an afternoon immersing yourself in a hobby project can have a nearly therapeutic effect. With just a few resources, which you can find here on our online shop, you can use all kinds of markers, colours and paints for both paper and cardboard, so you can get started with your ideas.

On this page we have gathered a wide range of different ideas and projects that you can throw yourself into – both alone or in the company of others, e.g., your children. There are virtually no limits to what you can create with paints and colours:

  • Paintings - Do you love to paint? At Creativ Company you will find everything you need in terms of canvases, watercolours and much more. You can paint portraits, abstract art, landscapes – the only limit is that of your imagination. Paint alone or with your children. From small children right down to pre-school age, painting can provide hours of fun and games – as well as Christmas presents for grandparents.
  • Table decorations - A table setting can be a bit festive, as the dinner table is a gathering point for the whole family. Whether it’s for a table setting for everyday or for a party, paper, cardboard and felt-tip pens let you create everything from place cards to different cuttings and standing decorations. If you want to make decorations within a specific theme, e.g., the sea, you can make your own jellyfish based on rice paper lamps – see the idea here on our website.
  • Decorations for holidays and special occasions - Christmas, Easter, New Year's. The year offers many holidays and special occasions that bring the whole family together – and thank goodness for that. To make the holidays even more festive, it is a good idea to make your own decorations, such as window hangings, Christmas trees for window sills and much more. Paint and draw different designs and find the colours that match your preferences.
  • Rice paper lamps with motifs - In recent years, rice paper lamps have gained great popularity in modern interior design – and with good reason. The subdued light creates a cosy atmosphere, and the paper allows you to draw your very own motifs. With our markers you can easily paint, draw and decorate your rice paper lamps, for a child's room, for example.

Paint and draw on paper with your kids

Being able to paint and draw is one of the first things in the creative world that your children will have the opportunity to try out with their own hands. For example, there is plenty of opportunity to try finger painting with the youngest ones, while the slightly older children can more easily cut and do things from scratch. Regardless of age, the world of painting and drawing is perfect for gathering the whole family of all ages – because there is something for everyone. However, you should be aware that small children quickly lose patience. So have easy and straightforward projects ready to entertain them.

But which projects are ideal for children? We have already mentioned some of them, such as finger painting. But the painting and drawing offer many more options:

  • Build your own village, house or farm - With paint and markers, everything gets new life. Based on a few things that can be found at home, you can turn used milk cartons or toilet paper rolls into cars, animals or people, using glue, paint and paper, for example. A creative project like this is perfect to roll out on a weekend or over some school holiday weeks. The joy of being able to play with your own race track, a homemade high-rise building, etc. is great for children (and those young at heart) of all ages.
  • Costumes and dress-up - There doesn't have to be a special occasion for dressing up. With pasteboard, paper and cardboard at hand, you can make masks, hats and other accessories with your children for year-round wear. For holidays you can also make your own New Year’s hats with cardboard and a stapler, then paint or draw on them with markers, or adorn them with glitter or feathers. You can find all the necessary accessories here on our website.

Use your creativity for unique paper gift ideas

A personal gift is a gift from the heart. Many people will therefore appreciate a homemade gift made with care.

Within the world of painting and drawing, you can find plenty of inspiration for creative gift ideas that will delight young and old alike.

  • Gifts for special occasions - Wedding, baptisms and confirmations are all big days that deserve special attention. With a DIY gift, you can design your own unique gift – based on inside jokes, memories or anything else that will delight the recipient. For a baby shower or baptism, you can make your own homemade mobile with motifs based on a theme, e.g., animals, tractors, cars, sweets or similar.
  • Birthdays and holidays - For birthdays or Christmas, you can give creative gifts such as home-painted rice paper lamps, decorative cord lights, home-braided Christmas decorations and much more. In addition, the major holidays are all about making decorations and invitations, where you can draw and paint your very own designs.

Get inspired by our innovative catalogues

At Creativ Company, we love to paint and draw on paper, and seize all the opportunities it brings. Therefore, we also offer the best, high quality markers, paint and paper. In addition, we have a selection of idea catalogues that freely available here on the website, where you can find plenty of inspiration for your next DIY project.

Looking for a specific product in paint, markers or paper? Or do you have questions about how to use our products in the best possible way? We are always ready to help you, so you can be sure to order the right product.

Place your order today and have it delivered within 3-5 business days, so you can get started with your paint and drawing project.

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