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Decorate card with paint, glitter and beads

Card and paper give you plenty of opportunities to be creative. First and foremost, card is a material that you can decorate with paint, , glitter, beads and much more. This way, you can make some really nice decorative items that look lovely hung or placed around the home.

Cardboard creations are something everyone in the family can help make. You need very little in the way of supplies and it's super-easy to get started. For instance, it's really simple to make your own greetings cards, which you can then use for Christmas and birthdays. Simply cut a sheet to the size you want your card to be and start decorating. If it's Christmas, you can draw or paint some pretty hearts on the card, for instance. For an extra festive look, you can sprinkle on some glitter. You can also glue other objects onto the card, such as beads. If the card is for a birthday, you can use glitter, beads or paint to form the age the recipient is celebrating.

Card stock can also be used to make hearts, stars or other pretty designs. You can use a stencil to draw your design if you wish, then cut it out and decorate.

Use fabric on card and paper

Fabric and paper are two very different materials that complement each other well, and you can achieve some excellent results by combining the two. You can use fabric on card to make a decoupage effect. For example, try making cardboard figures or boxes. If you have some leftover fabric that you're not sure what to do with, then decoupage is an obvious solution. You can achieve some surprisingly professional-looking results.

You can either make a cardboard box yourself or you can buy one. Use two different pieces of fabric to decorate the box – one for the inside and another for the outside. By giving the box a different pattern on the inside than on the outside, you can achieve a very special, unique look.

Boxes decorated with fabric are a really nice idea for a child's bedroom. You can use them to store everything from hair accessories to toys. In addition to being practical, they also help to decorate the home.

If you'd like to try your hand at fabric decoupage, there's so much more than boxes you can decorate. You can use the same method to make some lovely Christmas cones or a striking Easter egg. You can make Christmas, Easter or even Halloween decorations with fabric decoupage.

Draw with markers on cardboard and cardboard figures

A classic activity that's always fun to do is to draw and paint. You don't always have to stick to using a plain white sheet of paper, however. Drawing and painting can easily be done on figures or boxes made of cardboard. It's an activity that everyone in the family can have a go at.

For example, if you have a cardboard box that you think looks a bit boring, then paint or markers will do the trick. If you have glitter and beads, these materials are also good for decorating boxes. When it comes to decorating your box, it’s time to unleash your imagination. You can draw something that represents a particular motif or you can just make patterns and abstract shapes.

Markers, crayons, pencils and paints are all materials that can be used to decorate cardboard. Fortunately, you'll find everything you need for your next craft project at Creativ Company – including inspiration.

Make your own papier-mâché figures

Papier-mâché is a classic activity that most people will be familiar with. It’s easy to make and you can use it to create almost anything you could imagine. You can use the papier-mâché technique to make eggs, animals, bowls, piggy banks and much more.

Once you've made your papier-mâché figure and it's had time to dry, you can start painting it. For example, use some acrylic paint to paint your papier-mâché figure.

If you don't feel like throwing yourself into constructing a papier-mâché figure, you can also buy ready-made figures. A cardboard figure and some paint also offers a good activity for children who are not old enough to make their own figures out of homemade papier-mâché. Try organising some fun and creative activities around holidays like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. With your imagination in tip-top shape, you're ready to create anything you feel like.

Use the finished papier-mâché figures to decorate your home or gift them to those you care about. A DIY kit with materials for decorating a cardboard figure can also be a good gift idea when you're looking for Christmas or birthday presents for creative types.

Create decorations for all the holidays

With cardboard and papier-mâché, you can make decorations to fit both holidays and the everyday. Make spooky pumpkins, skeletons and spiders around Halloween and get the spooky atmosphere started. As Christmas approaches and people get in the mood for making hearts, stars, cones and garlands, then card will also come in handy here, too. You can even make homemade Christmas gifts if you’re creative and inventive. For example, make some pretty boxes using cardboard and fabric and fill them with caramels or homemade Christmas crackers. It’s sure to be a hit. As Easter approaches, it’s time to make Easter decorations. This could be cardboard Easter eggs, which you can decorate with paint or fabric. You can also make cute Easter chicks or bunnies. Whatever time of year, there are plenty of options for making some beautiful decorations for the home. If you need inspiration, you're welcome to visit our ideas catalogue. Here, you'll find plenty to inspire you to get started on creative projects. Creative projects are fun to get the whole family involved with. Children and adults alike can enjoy decorating, cutting and sticking.

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