Beautiful poppies, pretty lilies, and classical tulips. Crepe paper flowers are one of the hottest trends in creative hobbies – and if you want, you can easily learn the craft yourself. We have gathered a lot of creative ideas that you can use as inspiration when making your DIY crepe flowers. For example, find the prettiest everlasting flowers and everlasting bouquets made from crepe paper – and fill your home with flowers in different shapes and colours.

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Get inspiration for your everlasting flower bouquet

Flowers made from crepe paper are the hottest interior design trend of the moment – they fill up vases nicely and reinvite colours to your home. If you have Instagram and Pinterest accounts, you're sure to have seen how new shapes and colours of beautiful everlasting flowers are starting to arise, from gorgeous peonies and poppies to classic daffodils, tulips and poinsettias . There is plenty of inspiration to be found if you want to make your own everlasting flower bouquet from crepe paper, and you can find the best inspiration right here in our universe of ideas. The universe is filled with creative ideas for everlasting flowers and everlasting bouquets – and even though the flowers are made of crepe paper, they really do come close to the real deal from your flower bed. The colours are just as beautiful as on the real flowers, and the durability is just as good as dried ones – but it is of course also more fun to create your own unique flowers.

In fact, crepe paper flowers are associated with a wide range of benefits – read more about this in the section below. and find plenty of inspiration for your upcoming hobby.


Let everlasting flowers be your new hobby 

When you make flowers out of crepe paper, you can collect them in a beautiful everlasting bouquet that never wilts. The bouquet stays fresh year after year – because crepe paper doesn't need watering or care. It’s the perfect solution for those who don't have a green thumb. You can just enjoy the sight of the colourful bouquets, which is why crepe paper flowers are a super durable solution.

However, the paper flower sets score the best in terms of creativity. Crepe flowers are a hobby where there is space for endless amounts of creativity. You can mix and match the flowers according to colours and types – for example, bell flowers with lilies, or tulips with poppies. Your imagination is the only limit.

So if you’re looking for a new, exciting hobby, try our creative ideas for making crepe flowers. Here you will find plenty of inspiration for your own everlasting bouquet – and if you read more below, you can learn more about the popular trend, and why floral art is still a hit.


From crepe paper to floral art

Crepe paper leads to completely new ways of creating floral art. Here you can play with the colours, polish the shapes, and make new, creative bouquets from crepe paper. If you want, you can find inspiration in nature’s own colours – and choose crepe paper in leafy green, white, or yellow. If you’re more into pastel colours, you can create an everlasting bouquet in pretty pastels. Find inspiration in our beautiful everlasting bouquet right here.

If you want to experiment a little, you can also venture into a more daring play of colours. For example, combine calm, soft colours with stronger, brighter colours – and even add a touch of glitter. You can find inspiration among our creative ideas for crepe flowers – and continue to play with your floral designs.

If you choose an entire crepe bouquet, rather than a single homemade flower, you can always add more over time. For example, make some green branches with leaves – and use them to add some greenery to the bouquet. You decide which sizes the leaves should be, but you can also use our template as inspiration. For example, make our green branches with small leaves – the guide is right here. And also try our branch with crepe paper leaves, which has slightly larger leaves.


Immerse yourself in crepe paper 

When you make flowers for your everlasting bouquet, it’s fun to work with the paper itself. Crepe paper is known for its flexibility – so stretching and shaping it will give you the most lifelike flowers. You’ll get lots of practice by making the flowers’ leaves – because you'll have to pull them in the middle so they curve. It’s a new technique you need to master, but you’ll learn it quickly. If you would like to learn more about the techniques of making flowers from crepe paper, we have gathered them all here.


Create an everlasting bouquet for Mother’s Day

If your vases at home are already full, you can treat your loved ones to an everlasting bouquet. For example, flowers made from crepe paper are a perfect idea for Mother’s Day. You can make the prettiest roses from red crepe paper – or collect several flowers to create a lovely everlasting bouquet. Whatever you choose, it will make Mother’s Day extra special.

But the flowers aren't just suitable for Mother’s Day – you can make them for all festive occasions, such as christenings, confirmations, and weddings. And maybe they could also become a hit at graduation parties. For this you could make classic roses from crepe paper– and adapt the colour of the rose to the graduation type. Be inspired by our crepe paper roses right here.


Be guided via video and instructions

It doesn't have to be difficult to start a new hobby – on the contrary. With our craft kits, we have made it easy for you to make flowers from crepe paper. Our craft kits are available in different sizes and across several levels. You might start as a beginner – but as your fine motor skills are trained, you’ll quickly move up to our craft kits for those with more experience.

If you have mastered our Starter Craft Kit – and you feel ready for new challenges – you can always supplement it with our smart Mini Craft Kits. Here you will find many of the flowers you know from the garden and nature. Take a look at our daffodils, poinsettia, and mistletoe for the holidays – or try our timeless crepe paper poppies and peonies.

Each crepe flower craft kit contains all the materials you need, from crepe paper to stamens. At the same time, you get the right guidance, as we guide you through the process with a video – it couldn't be easier.

Also try our large Maxi Craft Kit. This kit includes stencils for a whole nine different crepe flowers and leaves. At the same time, you get a water spray and a watercolour marker for colouring in the leaves and stamens.

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