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Glitter Paint and Wiggle Eyes on Card Flowers


Hanging decorations made from punched-out card flowers which are painted with A-Color acrylic paint (glitter and mother-of-pearl). When dry the “stamen” of each flower is decorated; one with wiggle eyes, mouth and nose and one with a glued-on portrait.

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Glitter Paint and Wiggle Eyes on Card Flowers
Glitter Paint and Wiggle Eyes on Card Flowers

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    Body-wise (physical-kinaesthetic): Young children's physical intelligence is enhanced when they experiment with finger paint on a surface.
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    Word-wise (linguistic intelligence): Did you know that a child's linguistic intelligence and ability to write, is enhanced when working with colouring crayons, pencils and brushes?
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    These punched-out card flowers are painted on both sides with A-Color acrylic paint. Choose between matt or glossy, glitter or mother-of-pearl. Also paint the small discs that come with the flower (the stamen) on one side. Leave to dry.
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    Use the end of the brush handle to make small dots on one of the flowers. Leave to dry.
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    Stamen: Glue wiggle eyes onto one stamen using Clear Multi Glue gel. Draw a mouth and a nose underneath the eyes using a black Uni Posca marker. Decorate the other card disc for the other side of the flower with a glued-on portrait.
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    Glue the disc with the wiggle eyes onto one side of the flower and the disc with the portrait onto the other side of the flower. Attach a string for hanging through the hole on the flower.
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