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Funny Eyes, size 2-3 cm, with fastener, 200mixed

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An assortment of funny eyes fitted with fastener - pack contains 9 various designs.
size 2-3 cm
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 11126 The Children’s Christmas project
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 10950 Large Insects with Foam Clay
  • Inspiration: 11250 Amusing little Chaps
  • Inspiration: 11817 Needle Felting on Polystyrene
  • Inspiration: 11874 Potty Pixies
  • Inspiration: 12211 Puffed Up Easter Creatures
  • Inspiration: 1225 Keyring Fobs and Coils with Silk Clay
  • Inspiration: 12637 Little Flower Pot Men
  • Inspiration: 12882 Silk Clay on Canvas Panels
  • Inspiration: 13351 A Needle Felted Chick with Metal Feet and Funny Eyes
  • Inspiration: 13382 Silk Clay Pixie Decorations with Funny Plastic Eyes
  • Inspiration: 1453 Scary ghosts
  • Inspiration: 1590 Flat amusing Animals
  • Inspiration: 14190 A Silk Clay Figure on a coiled Spring with a Stand
  • Inspiration: 14382 Silk Clay Christmas Figures on a coiled Spring
  • Inspiration: 14417 A small Silk Clay Doll on a coiled Spring with a Stand
  • Inspiration: 14418 Wind-up Silk Clay Figures with Pipe Cleaners
  • Inspiration: 14603 A Silk Clay Chick with long Legs made from Pipe Cleaners and Nabbi Beads
  • Inspiration: 14604 A Foam Clay and Silk Clay Easter Bunny with Ears made from Pipe Cleaners and Nabbi Beads
  • Inspiration: 14627 A Chick made from a tall Cone with Feathers
  • Inspiration: 14763 A Foam Clay Reindeer on a Polystyrene and Bonsai Wire Skeleton