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Pigment Art School Paint, asstd. colours, 24x500ml


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Assortment of water-based, semi-gloss acrylic paint. Good quality art paint for children, schools and organisations.
Content: 24 different colours. 500ml each
white, primary yellow, ochre, orange, burnt sienna, primary red, cadmium red, dark red, dusty rose, purple, violet blue, ultramarine, primary blue, indigo, turquoise, kiwi, medium green, raw sienna, burnt umber, black, gold, pearl silver, copper.
Ideas made from this product
  • Inspiration: 11125 Key Straps
  • Inspiration: 11138 Beautiful paintings with a pre-printed Design
  • Inspiration: 11528 Babushka painting
  • Inspiration: 11794 The Art of Giving …
  • Inspiration: 13330 A Canvas Panel with Drawings on a bright Background
  • Inspiration: 13641 A decorated Box with a Frame like a Book
Ideas made from a varient of this product
  • Inspiration: 1437 Paintings for the cool ones
  • Inspiration: 10152 Artists' Acrylic Paint
  • Inspiration: 10585 Make Amusing Masks from Sleeping Mats
  • Inspiration: 10588 Scenes made from Book Ends
  • Inspiration: 11175 African inspired birds
  • Inspiration: 11201 Rhythmical Instruments
  • Inspiration: 11248 A Portrait from Papier-Mâché Pulp in a Collage Frame
  • Inspiration: 11704 Paverpol Chicken
  • Inspiration: 11735 Christmas Babushkas
  • Inspiration: 12011 A Painting using a Projector
  • Inspiration: 12022 Wooden Icons with Structure Paste
  • Inspiration: 12117 Hanging painted Canvas Figures
  • Inspiration: 12203 Plastic Masks with Gauze Bandage
  • Inspiration: 12330 Decorate Recycled Materials
  • Inspiration: 12331 Elastic Wooden Figures
  • 5+
    Inspiration: 12877 Robots made from Sleeping Mat Material & Foam Rubber with Glitter
  • Inspiration: 13134 An Aquarium in a 3D two-part Combination Frame (Glass & MDF)
  • Inspiration: 13359 A Head with facial Features made from Papier-Mâché on a Balloon
  • 4+
    Inspiration: 13425 Painted Wooden Maracas decorated with Bells
  • 4+
    Inspiration: 13426 A painted Metal Tin Drum & Drumsticks made from Flower Sticks