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Painting on Paper mache

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  1. Inspiration: v16587 Glass mosaic tiles on a box
    Attach glass mosaic tiles and buttons onto a box lid. Fill the gaps with grout dyed with a small amount of craft paint.
  2. Inspiration: v16182 Cake tins made from boxes
  3. Inspiration: v15926 A caterpillar from an egg tray
  4. Inspiration: v15726 Papier-mâché Christmas houses for hanging decorated with Foam Clay
    Decorate these papier-mâché houses for hanging with Plus Color craft paint. Once dry, decorate them further with Silk Clay, modelled and attached directly onto the houses.
  5. Inspiration: v10104 Angels on Papier-Mâché Cones

    Paint and decorate papier-mâché cones by painting on flowers. Paint the wings and dab with bronze paint. Draw the eyes and the mouth with a marker pen. Attach the head, hair and the wings onto the cone using a glue gun.

  6. Inspiration: v15531 A Papier-mâché Sea Monster
  7. Inspiration: v15279 Two-piece Eggs decorated with Terrazzo Flakes and Craft Paint
    These two-piece papier-mâché eggs have been painted with craft paint and decorated with terrazzo flakes for a terrazzo look.
  8. Inspiration: v15238 A Box decorated with Deco Foil
  9. Inspiration: v15075 Gilding on Papier-mâché
  10. Inspiration: v15074 Mosaics on Papier-maché

Items 1-36 of 205

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Find supplies for painting on papier-mâché

Buy your supplies here. We have all you need for painting on papier-mâché. We have, among other things, papier-mâché pulp, figures, papier-mâché animals, acrylic paint, craft paint, acrylic markers, brushes and much more.

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