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  1. Paintings with colour mixing
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    Inspiration: v16370
    Paintings with colour mixing
    Here the pupils work with the basic techniques in colour mixing and paint a picture using these techniques. Let them play with the colours first and then paint beautiful pictures with colour areas and prints with string. See the technique here! TARGET GROUP: Infants/lower juniors (preschool-Y3) and juniors (Y4-Y6)
  2. A black Canvas with a Silhouette Hand from patterned Masking Tape
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    Inspiration: v14051
    A black Canvas with a Silhouette Hand from patterned Masking Tape

    The outline of a hand on the black canvas is made using a Poster Hobby marker. The hand is then painted with Plus Color craft paint, left to dry and then decorated with small pieces of Masking Tape and finally a coat of varnish or lacquer is applied.

  3. Sampling teknik
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    Inspiration: v13317
    Sampling teknik
  4. A Visual Arts Project
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    Inspiration: v12482
    A Visual Arts Project
  5. Decorating Pre-Printed Canvases
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    Inspiration: v12456
    Decorating Pre-Printed Canvases

    These pre-printed canvases are painted with A-Color neon paint and the background is filled in with matt black A-Color paint. You may choose to highlight some of the pre-printed lines with a black Power Liner.

  6. Transfer Pictures
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    Inspiration: v12379
    Transfer Pictures
  7. The Art of Giving …
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    Inspiration: v11794
    The Art of Giving …
  8. Christmas Babushkas
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    Inspiration: v11735
    Christmas Babushkas
  9. Babushka painting
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    Inspiration: v11528
    Babushka painting
  10. Pre-printed Pictures
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    Inspiration: v11395
    Pre-printed Pictures

    Painted with Plus Color on simple pre-printed designs.

  11. An African Painting
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    Inspiration: v11170
    An African Painting

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