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Paint a picture or draw a design. See our many ideas for creative activities with painting and drawing. Discover inspiration for art lessons, try several new techniques; for example watercolours, or oils.

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  1. Inspiration: v16273 Printed portraits with oil pastel
    Create a personal and colourful portrait with exciting techniques: Work wet-on-wet with watercolours, create saturated surfaces with oil pastels and transfer the portrait with graphic simplicity. TARGET GROUP: Juniors (Y3-Y6) and seniors (Y7-Y9)
  2. Inspiration: v16370 Paintings with colour mixing
  3. Inspiration: v16222 Sock Animals
  4. Inspiration: v16346 Colourful main courses
  5. Inspiration: v16587 Glass mosaic tiles on a box
  6. Inspiration: v16229 A bright idea
    Recycled materials are fun to work with and provide a lot of creativity and imagination. Collect old light bulbs and make these lovely, small sculptures. A different idea ... TARGET GROUP: Infants/lower juniors (preschool-Y3) and juniors (Y4-Y6)
  7. Inspiration: v16439 Shoe sculptures
  8. Inspiration: v16392 Miniature trophies
  9. Inspiration: v16146 Upcycle and reuse jam jars
  10. Inspiration: v16131 A watercolour collage
  11. Inspiration: v16182 Cake tins made from boxes
  12. Inspiration: v16130 Stamped designs using foam rubber sheets
    Print pictures with craft paint. Etching designs into a foam rubber sheet with a pencil is easy.
  13. Inspiration: v16134 Gauze bandage on canvas
  14. Inspiration: v16202 Ceramics with bubble technique
  15. Inspiration: v16145 Revive old porcelain with glass & porcelain markers
    Create unique decorations by upcycling old porcelain and plates with hand-drawn illustrations.
  16. Inspiration: v16207 A box with a personalized lid
  17. Inspiration: v16152 Upcycling fabric with prints
  18. Inspiration: v16129 A poster with lino printing

Items 1-36 of 991

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Find supplies for painting and drawing

Buy your supplies here. We have all you need for painting and drawing. We have, among other things, pencils, acrylic craft paints, watercolour paints, felt tips, painting accessories, canvases, brushes and much more.

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