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Creative world goal projects

Sustainability on the time table

Hanne Bindslev Gregersen, teacher and author

Children from a Y2 and a Y4 school class worked for a time with several of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. Along the way, they worked on taking care of the natural environment - for example, by not throwing rubbish into the natural environment. In addition, they worked on limiting the amount of waste/rubbish and recycling as much as possible. To encourage responsible recycling and zero waste, the children created animal collages made from torn paper. They had previously painted the paper with watercolours and wax pastels, torn it into strips and swapped them with each other. Nothing was wasted and the result was impressive. 

'The children were really proud of their successful collages and they learned a lot from swapping, reusing and avoiding wasting materials in the process.' - Hanne Bindslev

Decorate A2 paper with wax pastels and watercolours using your imagination.

Tear the paper into 12 strips. All the children swap paper strips with each other.

The paper strips are glued onto a A2 sheet of paper.

Attaching large, decorated cut-out eyes and noses/beaks.

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