Professional experience

Children testing "Funny Friends" classroom kit 3-6-year-olds

Children testing "Funny Friends" classroom kit


Lone Hede, Kindergarten supervisor

'I had 40 children working simultaneously, and the classroom kit contained enough material for everyone. I think it was entertaining to see how differently the children applied themselves to the task. The boys instantly began to play with the things they had made whilst most of the girls immersed themselves further in the process. From an educational standpoint the classroom kit offered the opportunity to practice colours, fine motor skills, language, social interaction and concentration'.

We are testing a classroom kit for creativity according to 3-6-year-olds own imagination. Look what the very young children made when they were allowed to decide for themselves and read the kindergarten supervisor's professional account. 

Children are spontaneous and have an exquisite ability to use their imagination. Adults, on the other hand are often hampered by our well-developed knowledge, limiting our experimental impulse. 

At Creativ Company we would like to pay tribute to children's free play with our materials. We have therefore developed a classroom kit containing, among other things, Silk Clay, beads, mini bells, pipe cleaners and aluminum wire, ready to combine and put together as you wish. 

You will see how many different things children in this age group accomplished from the contents when they were allowed to decide for themselves.

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