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Creative learning

7. Nature-wise projects

Nature-wise is enhanced by projects in which children must use their abilities to sense, discover, replicate, imitate and understand Nature. To learn about the forces of Nature and know how they affect people's living conditions. This happens through creating collages with glue and natural objects. Shaping, colouring, pressing and decorating natural objects and to replicate Nature's diversity through drawing and painting.

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  1. Inspiration: v11464 Launching Papier-Mâché Boats in the Lake

    The beautiful boats are shaped in wire netting. The hull is clad with blank newspaper and VTR adhesive, and finally straw silk paper. Most importantly, the boats are coated with Paverpol, so they are water resistant. The older children from “Nørager Kindergarten” have tested this project. Help from adults is necessary for the shaping of the boats’ hulls and the chosen paper should not be too thick. We recommend blank newspaper. For decoration; add coloured paper or paint the boats. Coating with Paverpol is important to make the boats seaworthy. Adult help is required for this task because Paverpol sculptural glue is tricky for young children to spread evenly on the entire boat. School children will need less supervision for this activity. The fun part is the launching of the small boats. This is a wonderful outdoor activity - especially on a hot summer day.

  2. Inspiration: v10950 Large Insects with Foam Clay
  3. Inspiration: v11214 Paint on Ice and Snow

    A snowman painted in beautiful colours with A-color paint.

  4. Inspiration: v13428 A Bird Box – Build your own
  5. Inspiration: v13007 A Cardboard Figure with a Cress Tray

    The punched-out cardboard figure with a cress tray has been painted and stamped using A-Color matt paint and small foam rubber stamps. Assemble the cress tray using a stapler and sow cress in the plastic tray supplied.

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