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Creative DIY kits

Here you can find the perfect creative gifts for any occasion in the form of a creative DIY kit. When you give a lucky recipient a DIY kit filled with creative products, you are giving more than just a gift. With such a gift you also give a creative experience that can be relaxing and sets the imagination free.

Creative DIY kits
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  1. Starter Craft Kit Crepe Paper, 105 g, assorted colours, 1 set
    Out of stock
    Starter Craft Kit Crepe Paper
    105 g, assorted colours, 1 set
    Contents: 8 rolls of crepe paper in assorted colours, plastic bone folder, paper coated wire in two thicknesses, polystyrene balls in two sizes, orange flower stamens and Multi Glue..

    Learn how to make flowers out of crepe paper with this kit. Contains all the materials and instructions you need.

    If you want to learn how to make flowers from crepe paper, our Starter Craft Kit is perfect. It contains everything you need to get you started. Scan the QR code and be introduced to our learning universe. Here you will find our videos, which guide you to several types of paper flowers through various techniques. Once you're finished, you'll have a beautiful bouquet of crepe paper flowers.

    Through a detailed video guide and step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to make different types of flowers using different techniques – and the result is a bouquet of colourful paper flowers that you can place in a vase. Afterwards, there will be enough materials left for you to explore your own techniques and create flowers based on your imagination. The set is designed for those of you who want to learn the craft and technique, but who have not yet started.

    including inspiration guidance,including storage box
  2. DIY Miniature Room, Garden, H: 21 cm, W: 19,5 cm, 1 pc
    In stock the 2022-03-22
    DIY Miniature Room
    Garden, H: 21 cm, W: 19,5 cm, 1 pc
    Includes: Wooden parts, furniture and fences, multi-design fabrics, dried flowers, metal minivan tools and a lamp with a light bulb (including batteries). In addition - such as a practical tweezers, glue, paint and brush.

    Play at being a home stylist while training those fine motor skills with this creative kit, which includes a wide range of different materials (wood, fabric, paper, plastic and metal) to assemble and decorate a miniature room. All materials are of high quality with fine details. Detailed instructions included.

    Before you start assembling the many small parts, we recommend that you read through the detailed instructions with step-by-step illustrations as well as look through all the materials and parts in the box. Everything is packed and ready to use, all you have to do is assemble and mount the parts using the glue supplied and then paint your design. The tweezers are supplied to help you glue, mount and paint the tiniest parts.

    Miniature worlds, or mini worlds where you create small, whimsical environments are a big trend right now. These small self-assembly kits call for both fine motor skills and immersion – with fascinating results. A lovely project for older children and adults
  3. Candle Light Holders, 1 set
    Out of stock
    Candle Light Holders
    1 set
    Content: 72 assorted candle light holders, 12 assted. water-based, odourless and permanent glass and porcelain markers with permanent felt tip.

    This kit includes all materials needed to make 72 pcs. candle light holders, decorated glass and porcelain
  4. Bells with Inner Decorations, H: 12+15,5 cm, 2 pc/ 1 pack
    Out of stock
    Bells with Inner Decorations
    H: 12+15,5 cm, 2 pc/ 1 pack
    Contents: Wooden plate with carved figures to squeeze out, gather and set free. Additionally 4 quail eggs, white glitter, white feather, Clear Multi Glue Gel and small LED light chain for button cell battery (not included + see Item No. 52330).

    Material kit with 2 egg-shaped bells made of clear plastic with loose wooden foot. With different materials to make a small Easter decoration and place in each bell

Items 1-36 of 268

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