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Nothing beats giving gifts and seeing the joy in the eyes of the receiver. We've made it easy for you to find the perfect gift for both children and adults. Find inspiration here for both creative gifts that are ready to be given away as well as for homemade gifts that you and your children can make themselves. When you give a creative gift you give much more than can be seen with the naked eye: by giving a creative set as a gift, the creative experience is included in the package, while a homemade gift ensures the personal message shines through.

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  1. DIY Miniature Room
    Garden, H: 21 cm, W: 19,5 cm, 1 pc
    Includes: Wooden parts, furniture and fences, multi-design fabrics, dried flowers, metal minivan tools and a lamp with a light bulb (including batteries). In addition - such as a practical tweezers, glue, paint and brush.

    Play at being a home stylist while training those fine motor skills with this creative kit, which includes a wide range of different materials (wood, fabric, paper, plastic and metal) to assemble and decorate a miniature room. All materials are of high quality with fine details. Detailed instructions included.

    Before you start assembling the many small parts, we recommend that you read through the detailed instructions with step-by-step illustrations as well as look through all the materials and parts in the box. Everything is packed and ready to use, all you have to do is assemble and mount the parts using the glue supplied and then paint your design. The tweezers are supplied to help you glue, mount and paint the tiniest parts.

    Miniature worlds, or mini worlds where you create small, whimsical environments are a big trend right now. These small self-assembly kits call for both fine motor skills and immersion – with fascinating results. A lovely project for older children and adults
  2. Inspiration: v14502 Houses cast in folding Moulds
  3. Creative mini kits
    6 set/ 1 pack
    Assortment of small, easy DIY materials kits for kids. The packaging forms part of your creation Instructions included in each kit.
  4. Creative mini kit
    toadstool, H: 6,5+8+10 cm, 1 set
    Contents: Punched red velvet and white felt, white seed beads, polyester filling and thread. Instructions included. The size indicates the dimensions of the finished product.

    Kit for 3 felt toadstools decorated with rocaille seed beads.
  5. Inspiration: v15942 Tie-dye with elastic bands
  6. Handheld sewing machine
    H: 6,7 cm, L: 20,5 cm, W: 3,5 cm, white, 1 pc
    Contains: 1 handheld sewing machine, 1 needle threader, 4 bobbins with thread (black, white, blue, red), 1 sewing machine needle, thread spool. Uses 4 AA batteries (item no. 14000 – not included). Instructions included.

    This practical hand-held sewing machine allows you to sew on textiles, tulle, organza, felt, card and vellum paper. Use it for small sewing projects and decorating your hobby projects. It's also easy to take with you on holiday, for example..

    For instructions on threading and using the hand-held sewing machine, see the accompanying instructions or video. Note that the hand-held sewing machine is not meant as a replacement for an ordinary sewing machine, as it cannot sew with a bobbin thread, among other limitations. It does make an excellent supplement, however. If the machine won't sew, try the following: Check that the batteries are working (uses 4 x AA batteries – item no. 14000 – not included). Check that the machine is threaded correctly. Check if the needle is slightly crooked – if so, change to an ordinary sewing machine needle (e.g. item no. 41150). Adjust thread tension.

    The hand-held sewing machine can sew into ordinary textiles, tulle, organza, felt, card and vellum paper – both single and double layers. It makes it much easier to create small sewing projects such as scrunchie hair bands or add beautiful decorative details to your hobby projects, for example on maps. What’s more, it’s cordless and takes up little space, so it’s super easy to take with you on the go – for example when you’re on holiday
  7. Inspiration: v15943 Dip'n dye technique

Items 1-36 of 847

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