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  1. Inspiration: v16136 Sew a cushion with piped edging
    Make stuffed piped edging on a homemade cushion for a beautiful finish. Mix patchwork fabric for unique cushions. You can use this technique for piped edging for your cushions, along your collar or on the front of your handbag.
  2. Inspiration: v16160 Folding shopping bag
  3. Inspiration: v15855 A homemade scrunchie hair bobble
    Make a homemade scrunchie hair bobble from patchwork fabric or organza fabric with a piece of elastic beading cord using a handheld sewing machine.
  4. Inspiration: v15839 Sew a face mask with pleats
  5. Inspiration: v14984 A Faux Leather Paper hanging Decoration with Embroidery
    These figures are punched out from faux leather paper. Holes are made for embroidery using the template and the design is embroidered with silver thread. A 1mm leather cord is used for sewing the figure together.
  6. Inspiration: v14939 Rya Animal Cushions
  7. Inspiration: v13282 A Paris Design Paper Ballerina with a Star

    The ballerina with a star in her hand is made from Vivi Gade Design paper (the Paris series). Cut out the parts and assemble them with double-sided adhesive tape. Attach sewing thread for hanging and for attaching the star to the ballerina's hand.

  8. Inspiration: v13068 A Tie-Dyed T-Shirt
  9. Inspiration: v12689 Hanging Pixies
  10. Inspiration: v11861 Stuffed Hearts
  11. Inspiration: v11750 Thick Leather Bracelets

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Find supplies for sewing

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