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  1. Inspiration: v15995 An origami Christmas bauble folded from origami paper
    Fold your own Christmas baubles from origami paper. Use the origami technique, folding a bauble from 12 pieces of paper, assembling it without glue. Fold all the pieces of paper identically and assemble to form a bauble. Attach a piece of string to one of the joints for hanging the bauble, prior to complete assembly.
  2. Inspiration: v14513 A woven Bird with a Handle
  3. Inspiration: v14510 A woven Cone from Design Paper
  4. Inspiration: v14168 Woven Cones from Vivi Gade
  5. Inspiration: v14220 A pyramid-shaped Star, woven from Paper Star Strips
    These pyramid-shaped stars are woven using glossy and glittery Vivi Gade design paper star strips (the Paris series).
  6. Inspiration: v13247 A folded Christmas Tree made from Vivi Gade Design Paper

    The Christmas tree is made by folding sheets of Vivi Gade Design Paper (the Oslo series) into triangles – a sheet at a time. Double-sided adhesive tape is used for assembling each triangle to make a tree.

  7. Inspiration: v12844 A Woven Star with a Tassel
  8. Inspiration: v12824 A Folded Paper Star
  9. Inspiration: v12656 A Chinese Paper Star
  10. Inspiration: v12195 An Origami Bird
  11. Inspiration: v11968 An Origami Folded Deer

    A deer folded from Vivi Gade Design origami paper, using the step-by-step guide. It’s attached onto a wood slice using 3D foam pads.

  12. Inspiration: v11959 A Flower from Origami Paper
  13. Inspiration: v11918 A Superstar
  14. Inspiration: v11854 Origami
  15. Inspiration: v11846 An Origami Flower
  16. Inspiration: v11819 Origami
  17. Inspiration: v11813 Bremen Baubles

Items 1-36 of 42

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Find supplies for origami

Buy your supplies here. We have all you need for origami paper folding. We have, among other things, origami paper, paper and card, quilling paper, paper strips, scissors and much more.

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