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Card and paper activities for children

Creative activities with card and paper is always a hit with children. The ideas you find on this page have templates and guides so everyone can participate.

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  1. Inspiration: v16170 Hanging decorations for spring
    Print the template at the bottom of this page. Cut away the designs and attach them onto your chosen colour card so that they don't move whilst cutting. Now cut out the designs.
  2. Inspiration: v16585 Collage eggs
  3. Inspiration: v15933 A bee from a cardboard tube
  4. Inspiration: v15932 A clown from a cardboard tube
  5. Inspiration: v15931 A robot from a cardboard tube
  6. Inspiration: v15725 A Christmas wreath made from cut-out card hands with Silk Clay decorations
    Make this Christmas wreath from cut-out card hands. Glue the hands together into a circle and decorate the wreath with a bow and berries made from red Silk Clay.
  7. Inspiration: v15548 Angels with a Cone Body
  8. Inspiration: v15435 A Row of Card Snowmen decorated with Silk Clay
    Easy Christmas decorations with templates for children and creative souls. Cut these cute snowmen from card and decorate them with Silk Clay.
  9. Inspiration: v15047 A Book with a Collage from Color Bar Paper and Magazines
    The collage on the front of this book is composed of punched-out, cut-out and torn pieces of Color Bar paper, magazines and brochures etc. Everything is glued onto a the front cover of the book using a glue stick and sealed with decoupage lacquer.
  10. Inspiration: v14780 Card Shapes for Halloween
  11. Inspiration: v14781 Card Decorations for Halloween

Items 1-36 of 227

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Find supplies for card and paper activities for children

Buy your supplies here. We have all you need for card and paper activities for children. We have, among other things, various types of paper and card, glitter paper, card mosaics, craft paints, felt tips and color markers, scissors, glue and much more.

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