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Homemade Christmas decorations

Natural Christmas decorations

Create natural Christmas decorations and let nature's authentic, raw and rustic expressions form the framework of your Christmas. Here you will find lots of ideas for homemade Christmas decorations made of natural materials such as clay, straw, cones, wood veneer, etc. The ideas range from both hanging decorations, Christmas decorations and gift wrapping - all kept in toned-down, earthy colours.

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  1. Inspiration: v15987 Macramé hanging decorations with beads
    These macramé hanging decorations are easy to make and can be used all year round. You will need a 350 cm piece of cord for the rosette and a 400 cm piece of cord for the heart. Braid the rosette and the heart almost identically. Comb the cord ends with a comb and trim to shape.
  2. Inspiration: v15986 A macramé Christmas bauble
  3. Inspiration: v15733 Lanterns from self-hardening clay with punched-out holes
    Make these lanterns from self-hardening clay by first cutting out the circular base with a shape cutter. Roll the side section (like a waistband) flat and make small holes with a round cookie cutter by pushing down the plunger on top. Assemble the circular base and the side section (waistband) and leave to dry.
  4. Inspiration: v15753 Straw snowflakes for hanging
  5. Inspiration: v15752 A Christmas straw goat
    Make your own Christmas straw goats from pieces of straw tied together with gold thread.
  6. Inspiration: v15713 Toadstools made from bobbins decorated with Silk Clay and googly eyes
    Make these decorative toadstools from wooden bobbins decorated with Silk Clay and googly eyes. Attach the toadstools onto metal pegs which may be clipped onto the Christmas tree.

28 Items

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