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Discover our wide range of children’s paint brushes with shorter handles. Perfect for little hands. We have both round and flat brushes for children. The paint brushes are hard-wearing hog bristle brushes with a short handle. Available in several models and materials. See the selection of children’s paint brushes below.



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Let the children colour their worlds with our kids' brushes

Brushes for children are perfect for small hands, as they're good for both young and older children who are not big enough to paint with ordinary brushes.

Kids love to be creative with paint. Children’s brushes make it much more fun and easy for them to express themselves in the best Picasso style. You can buy children’s brushes from us, regardless of whether you're shopping for your own child or for an institution or art group. As we sell creative products to both private individuals as well as schools and institutions, it's obvious for us to sell both small and large packages of brushes for children.

No one is saying however that you can't buy a big pack of children’s brushes as a private individual or if you only work at an institution or school, because it all depends on the budget, your preferences and the needs of the child/children. Perhaps you have a child who paints a lot and needs new brushes often. Or maybe you teach a class where many of the children rarely have the opportunity to paint.

Read on for inspiration for what you can use children’s brushes for. Painting is a broad concept, but we have added some specific ideas further down in the text.

A wide range of brushes for kids

At Creativ Company, we hope that you won't leave before you've found what you were looking for. That’s why we make sure to always have a broad, good selection of children’s brushes. You can choose between packs of identical brushes or children’s brushes in different colours.

It could be a good idea to choose a pack of children’s brushes in many different colours, so that the children can all select a particular colour that's theirs. Children can also use different coloured paint brushes for different colours of paint, so that a brush with a yellow handle is used for yellow paint, etc.

All children’s brushes, regardless of colour or quantity, come with a shorter handle than regular brushes. This makes it easier for the child to handle the brush before, during and after use. The most important thing is that it's easier for the child to paint with. Another common feature of brushes for children is that they are made with hardwearing pig hair.

If you've looked through the products and, contrary to expectations, have not found what you were looking for, you're always welcome to check again later. You can also contact us.

Help your child get started on a painting

Children can do many things, but there are also many things they can't do. Regardless of which painting project the child would like to take on – or is being encouraged to do – it's important to have an adult on-hand to help the child get off to a good start.

Both private individuals and those employed by the public or private sector who are responsible for children in one way or another can help to get the activity started and also be on-hand to help the child/children if they need it.

Adults are role models for children, so if the child or children are to have the best experience with painting, it can be an advantage not only to help the individual child get started on the painting, but also to help during the process itself, just as it can be an idea for you as an adult to take part in the painting project.

It's also a good idea for an adult to help the child rinse out their brushes properly after use, so they don't get stiff from paint and have to be thrown away.

Inspiration for children’s painting

If you search for 'ideas + children painting' here on our webshop for example, you can see both products and ideas, but if you deselect the products by unticking that box then this should return a good selection of creative inspiration that's ideal for children. All the ideas should have something to do with painting and they should also be child-friendly.

Additionally, you can always dive into our idea catalogue using the subject 'Painting and drawing for children', which covers everything from colouring to drawing and painting. A specific example of something to paint is the idea of painting a rice paper lampshade to look like a globe/the Earth.

Rice paper is fragile, however, so the child would have to be able to paint it carefully. To make it easier for the child to paint the individual areas of land and the water, you or another adult can paint outlines of the continents, so the child just has to paint inside the lines.

Another specific example is small pictures on wooden boards that your child can paint. The pictures can either be hung or allowed to stand up by themselves (hanging requires fitting some hooks). Either way, the child can paint directly onto the wooden boards with wood paint, or they can paint their picture on watercolour paper using liquid watercolour paint, which is then glued onto the wooden board.

One final example we'd like to mention here is a wall clock with a painted self-portrait. This project is a little more challenging however, as it includes paint, a paint board, clockwork, markers and a letter template (which also includes the numbers from 0-9). This project will strengthen the child's self-perception and understanding of numbers.

Buy kids' brushes at Creativ Company

We're very passionate about everything crafts-related, and we hope all of customers have a great experience with us, regardless of where they live, who they are and what their gender and age is. In short, we love all our customers, and we’re here to help if you need it.

When you buy brushes for children at Creativ Company, you can count on quick and friendly customer service as well as a focus on creativity and community. Children are our future, so it's important for us that they get off to a good start in life in order to grow into well-functioning adults.

One of the things that can improve a child’s life and expand their horizons is to be creative. Painting is an obvious creative activity, which is why we sell brushes designed specifically for children.

We offer fast delivery on children’s brushes that are in stock, and offer a 14-day return policy as well as a 1-year warranty.

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