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Homemade soap from shea with lavender


Make soap with shea soap base. You will need 300 g soap base to make 6 small bars of soap. Add soap dye paste, lavender essential oil and dried lavender as lavender is known for its calming effect. Remember to place your bar of soap in a soap dish, allowing it to dry out between each use.

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Homemade soap from shea with lavender
Homemade soap from shea with lavender

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    How to do it
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    Weigh the soap base. You will need 300 g soap base (50 g per finished bar of soap). We recommend you use gloves because the soap base gets hot and because the lavender essential oil is very concentrated.
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    You can melt the soap base either in a water bath or in a microwave when it is cut into 3 x 3 cm chunks. Melt in the microwave at 80% power with 30 second intervals and stir between each interval to prevent heat damage.
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    Add 2 cm purple soap dye paste and 9 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir well.
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    Wash the mould and spray it with rubbing alcohol. Leave to dry.
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    Sprinkle a thin layer of dried lavender over the bottom of the mould and pour the molten soap into the mould. NB: If you are using dried flowers in the soap, then the colour can seep into the soap which over time can turn slightly brown.
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    Remove any air bubbles from the surface by spraying with rubbing alcohol.
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    Remove the bars of soap from the mould once hardened after 2-3 hours. Here are the 6 bars of soap with the bottom face up showing the sprinkled lavender.
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