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Christmas decorations made from doilies


Make your own angels, Christmas trees and snowflake rosettes. Trim the doilies and create various shapes for hanging or for table decoration.

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Christmas decorations made from doilies
Christmas decorations made from doilies

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    How to do it
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    Make an angel by cutting into the middle of a doily as shown in the photo.
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    Shape the doily like a wide cone and stick it together with Sticky Base.
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    Make the wings by folding a doily back and forth in a concertina fashion making pleats.
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    Squeeze the doily in the middle and glue the wings together with small blobs of Sticky Base between each pleat.
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    Thread the body, the wings and the wooden bead for the head onto a piece of doubled-over silver thread using a needle, thus assembling the angel. It can now be used as a hanging decoration.
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    Make a halo from a piece of pipe cleaner formed into a loop. Twist it around itself to secure it. Thread it onto the silver thread. You may secure it on top of the wooden bead using Sticky Base.
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    Make a Christmas tree by folding three doilies into cone shapes using the same procedure for the angel's body (steps 1 + 2). Make the cones in different widths as shown in this photo.
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    Roll a ball from Foam Clay and push the bottom slightly flat, almost making it into a semi circle.
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    Push a pipe cleaner into the Foam Clay semi circle and attach a blob of Foam Clay onto the pipe cleaner approx. 4 cm from the bottom. Push the largest cone onto the pipe cleaner so that it rests on the small Foam Clay ball on the pipe cleaner.
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    Repeat the procedure with the other two cones and attach another blob of Foam Clay onto the pipe cleaner approx. 3 cm apart. The smallest cone should be at the top.
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    Trim the pipe cleaner and finish by attaching two snowflake sequins either side of the tree top using Sticky Base.
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    Make rosettes by folding three doilies using the same procedure used for the angel's wings (see steps 3 and 4). Fold in half so that they form a "V" shape.
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    Attach the three folded doilies together with Sticky Base.
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    Decorate the rosette with snowflake sequins in the middle attached with Sticky Base.
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    The finished rosette
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