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Lanterns from papier-mâché pulp decorated with dried flowers


Make your own lanterns from papier-mâché pulp and attach dried flowers on the inside with decoupage lacquer for decoration.

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Lanterns from papier-mâché pulp decorated with dried flowers
Lanterns from papier-mâché pulp decorated with dried flowers

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    How to do it
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    Blow up a balloon to the size you want your lantern to be.
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    Mix the papier-mâché powder in water in the ratio: 3 parts powder to 1 part water.
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    Mix and knead until the mixture resembles the papier-mâché pulp in this photo.
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    Cover halfway round the balloon with the papier-mâché pulp. Make a rustic surface by adding another layer of small pieces of papier-mâché pulp, scratching the surface lightly to add texture with your fingertips or a teaspoon. Make sure that the papier-mâché pulp is still wet when doing so.
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    Remove the balloon when the papier-mâché is dry.
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    Decorate the inside of the lantern by brushing a thin layer of decoupage lacquer where you wish to attach a flower. Attach the flower on top of the decoupage lacquer.
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    Secure the flower by brushing another thin coat of decoupage lacquer on top.
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    Varnish the entire inside of the lantern with a thin coat of decoupage lacquer when you have finished decorating.
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    Do not use live candles. Use battery-powered LED tea-lights instead.
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