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An explosion box decorated for a birthday


Make an explosion box as a birthday present. Decorate the inside of the box with decorations and fitted design paper. Fill the box with small decorative parts and inlays, photos and small messages to suit your chosen theme; e.g. birthday.

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An explosion box decorated for a  birthday
An explosion box decorated for a birthday

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    How to do it
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    Cut out small pieces of design paper for the lid and the sides of the small box which is inside the large explosion box.
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    Attach the pieces of design paper onto the box with double-sided adhesive tape.
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    Cut out circles with pinking shears; cut one from design paper and then a slightly smaller one from light coloured card. Attach the circles onto the bottom of the inside of the small box using double-sided adhesive tape.
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    Attach double-sided adhesive tape around the LED tealight as shown in the photo. Attach design paper onto a piece of card and cut out a section to fit the circumference and the height (2.5 cm) of the LED tealight. Attach the card onto the candle with the design paper facing outwards.
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    Cut out another circle from light coloured card slightly larger than the LED tealight using pinking shears. Cut a hole in the middle and feed the flame through the hole as shown in the photo. Place the candle inside the box and close the box with the ribbon. You may also place a bank note or a small present inside the box.
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    Decorate the loose decorative parts and inlays which come with the explosion box. You may cut a piece of design paper and glue it inside. Write or print text on the paper.
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    Trim the paper and the photo and attach it onto the inside of a decorative part or inlay using double-sided adhesive tape.
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    Attach design paper onto the outside of the decorative parts and inlays to make them extra beautiful.
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    Glue paper inside the bottom of the box. Cut out small designs from the design paper and glue them onto the flaps which are visible when closing the box.
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    Cut out a small piece of card to fit the front sides inside the explosion box. Cut out flags using the template and decorate further with text stickers.
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    Cut out balloons from card and vellum paper using the template.
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    Decorate the decorative parts and inlays with the balloons and draw a string from the balloons with a thin marker.
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    Cut another piece of card and decorate it with design paper and vellum paper. Print numbers onto a piece of paper and glue it onto a piece of card. Cut out the number in a circle shape and attach the circle onto the front of the piece of card.
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