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An explosion box decorated for a girl's confirmation party


Make an explosion box as a confirmation present. Decorate the inside of the box with handmade paper and card which is cut to size and punched out. Make a decoration with shaker effect on the lid.

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An explosion box decorated for a girl's confirmation party
An explosion box decorated for a girl's confirmation party

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    How to do it
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    Cut a square piece of card slightly smaller than the lid of the box. Cut a square piece of paper which is slightly smaller than the piece of card.
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    Punch out a card circle using the largest die. Make a round frame from double-sided adhesive 3D foam pad with the two largest dies. Hold the dies together with masking tape to prevent them from sliding out of position in the die-cutting and embossing machine.
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    Assemble the two squares, the card circle and the double-sided adhesive 3D foam pad frame together with double-sided adhesive tape. Sprinkle glitter and sequins inside the frame. Cut a circular piece of hard foil the same size as the card circle. Remove the protective layer from the 3D foam frame. Place the hard foil circle on top of the 3D foam frame. Now the glitter and the sequins are enclosed behind the hard foil.
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    Attach a piece of handmade paper onto a piece of double-sided foil tape. Punch out the text and the frame. The round frame must be the same size as the double-sided adhesive 3D foam pad frame.
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    Attach the punched-out paper frame on top of the hard foil by removing the protective layer of the double-sided foil tape. Attach the punched-out text for decoration. Tie a ribbon around the lid as shown in the photo.
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    Punch out dresses and churches from card and handmade paper.
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    Cut out pieces of card and paper to fit the fronts of gift box. Attach the parts with double-sided adhesive tape.
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    You may attach the cut-outs with 3D foam pads for a great effect.
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    Attach the decorations onto the insides of the explosion box.
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    Attach the loose small decorative parts and inlays which come with the box. You may decorate with cut-out designs.
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    Decorate a card inlay with lovely paper and a photo inside.
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    Attach hearts from handmade paper in the corners using a glue stick.
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    Fill the pockets in the box with decorations, small messages, photos etc. Assemble the gift box and put on the lid.
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