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A Christmas straw goat


Make your own Christmas straw goats from pieces of straw tied together with gold thread.

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A Christmas straw goat
A Christmas straw goat

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    How to do it
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    Let the straws soak in water for approx. 4 hours.
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    Gather 21 straws and tie them together in two places in the middle for the body.
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    Select three straws from one end and plait the tail. Secure the plait with gold thread.
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    Make two hind legs underneath the tail by dividing the rest of the straws into two bundles of nine. Tie each leg together with gold thread at the top.
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    Tie each leg together with gold thread at the bottom. Each leg should measure approx. 4.5 cm. Cut off the excess straw.
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    Make two front legs by gathering two bundles of six straws at the other end. Tie each bundle together at the top and the bottom with gold thread. Trim the excess straw.
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    Make the straw goat's neck by tying the remaining pieces of straw together as shown in the photo.
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    Cut 2 x 3 pieces of straw for the horns.
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    Plait each horn individually and secure with gold thread at one end. Tie the horns together at the other end.
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    Tie the horns, together with the head, on the existing joint. Trim the straw.
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    Tie gold thread around the muzzle and force the head down by tying the gold thread around the neck.
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    Tie a piece of gold thread onto a straw (on the back) for hanging.
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