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A hanging organiser decorated as an Advent calendar with iron-on foil


Decorate a fabric hanging organiser with glitter iron-on foil and rub-on stickers. Cut out the iron-on foil using the templates and iron the designs onto the hanging organiser. Rub rub-on stickers onto the hanging organiser. The decorated hanging organiser is ideal as an Christmas calendar decorated with a name.

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A hanging organiser decorated as an Advent calendar with iron-on foil
A hanging organiser decorated as an Advent calendar with iron-on foil

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    How to do it
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    Print out the templates which are available as a separate PDF file on this page. Copy the template onto iron-on foil and cut out all the designs. A tip: copy the templates onto the back of the iron-on foil using a pen.
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    Place the iron-on foil designs one by one with the front face up and iron the designs directly onto the hanging organiser pockets using an iron set on a medium temperature. You can iron directly on the iron-on foil because the top layer of the iron-on foil is covered by a special thick plastic protective layer. Don't remove the thick plastic protective layer on the iron-on foil until the finished design is completed. The iron-on foil will melt when using an iron if the thick plastic protective layer is removed.
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    Cut out your chosen numbers and/or letters from the rub-on sticker sheet. Remove the protective paper from the back and rub the designs onto the hanging organiser with the supplied wooden stick.
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    Now carefully remove the protective top foil layer from the rub-on stickers.
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    Use the tip of the iron when fixing the iron-on foil details if the rub-on stickers are attached. It's important not to iron on the rub-on stickers as this will cause them to melt.
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    Once all details are ironed onto the hanging organiser, carefully remove the thick protective plastic layer from the iron-on foil before it has cooled completely.
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    Feed a stick through the casing at the top of the hanging organiser and tie a piece of Lurex yarn onto each end of the stick for hanging.
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    Make two tassels for decoration from the same Lurex yarn used for the string for hanging. Make the tassels by winding the yarn around an A5 piece of card approx. 50 times.
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    Tie a piece of Lurex yarn around the middle on one side of the piece of card as shown in the photo.
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    Carefully remove the wound Lurex yarn from the card.
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    Tie a small piece of Lurex yarn around the tassel approx. 1 cm from the top. Finish with a tight knot.
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    Trim the ends of the tassel to your chosen length.
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    Tie the tassels onto one end of the stick for hanging from the hanging organiser.
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    Here is the finished hanging organiser.
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