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Illuminated Houses with LED Tea Lights


Illuminated houses with LED tea lights are cut from card using a template and assembled with double-sided adhesive tape. Vellum paper is attached behind the holes for windows.

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Illuminated Houses with LED Tea Lights
Illuminated Houses with LED Tea Lights

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    How to do it
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    Print out a template for each house. Attach the template onto a piece of white card, cutting through both layers simultaneously without the template moving. Don't cut out the outline of the house just yet.
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    Cut out the windows and the door, followed by the outline of the house.
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    Score along the dotted lines by using a bone folder or a blunt cross stitch needle.
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    Attach double-sided adhesive tape onto the flaps.
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    Turn over so the back is facing you and attach double-sided tape above, underneath and between the windows. Attach vellum paper (onto the double-sided adhesive tape).
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    Fold all score lines. Remove the protective paper from the double-sided tape piece by piece and assemble the house.
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    Place the house over an LED tea light.
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