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A Unicorn Hairband with Felt Decorations


The unicorn horn, ears and the flowers are cut from felt using the template available as a PDF file. The parts are attached to a hairband and then decorated with rhinestones.

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A Unicorn Hairband with Felt Decorations
A Unicorn Hairband with Felt Decorations

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    How to do it
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    Print the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Cut out all the parts and copy them onto felt in your chosen colours. Now cut out a horn, flowers and ears.
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    Glue the end of the yarn onto the tip of the horn as illustrated in this photo.
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    Roll the horn and glue together. Leave the two semi-round flaps sticking out at each side. These are to be used for attaching the horn around the hairband.
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    Cut scraps of felt and fill the horn to the rim to make it rigid.
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    Twist gold yarn around the horn and finish at the bottom by glueing the yarn end inside the horn.
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    Cut 2 cm wide felt strips. Apply glue to the hairband and wrap the strips around the hairband to cover it.
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    Secure the unicorn horn onto the middle of the hairband by glueing the semi-round flaps around the hairband.
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    Use Power Tape to attach the unicorn ears onto the hairband. Fold the ears around the hairband, hiding the tape inside the ears.
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    Finally glue the flowers and rhinestones onto and around the ears and the horn.
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