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A Polystyrene Cat covered with Papier-mâché Pulp


This cat is made from a polystyrene cone covered with papier-mâché pulp and assembled with a head modelled from papier-mâché pulp. The cat's basket is also made from papier-mâché pulp. When dry, everything is painted with A-Color acrylic paint.

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A Polystyrene Cat covered with Papier-mâché Pulp
A Polystyrene Cat covered with Papier-mâché Pulp

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    How to do it
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    Soak papier-mâché powder in water in the ratio: 3 parts powder to 1 part water.
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    Cover the cone with papier-mâché pulp and shape a ball from papier-mâché pulp. Assemble the parts by pushing a small piece of flower stick into the cone and then pushing the ball on top. Leave to dry.
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    Paint the cat with A-Color acrylic paint and leave to dry.
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    Make the cat's basket following the same procedure. Shape the soaked papier-mâché pulp in your hands, leave to dry and paint.
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