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A Felted Mushroom


This mushroom is felted from carded wool using a felting needle on a needle felting foam pad.

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A Felted Mushroom
A Felted Mushroom

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    How to do it
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    Roll white carded wool for the mushroom stem.
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    Felt the roll together with a felting needle on a needle felting pad.
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    Make sure the stem is felted tightly. NB! If you want the stem extra thick, you may add more wool. If you want the stem thinner, continue felting with the felting needle by pushing it up and down.
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    Make a circle from red carded wool and felt it with a felting needle on a needle felting pad. Build up the mushroom hat by continuously added more wool and felting it on whilst making it into the desired shape.
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    Make the dots for the mushroom hat from small white tufts of carded wool and felt them onto the mushroom hat.
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    Felt the hat and the stem together by continously pushing the felting needle up and down firmly from the hat down into the stem.
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    You may glue the small mushrooms onto wooden pegs and use these for decorations on twigs.
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    Make a mushroom without a stem. Make it tall with an indentation in which a cinnamon stick can be glued on for the stem. Glue this stem onto a wooden disc, so the mushroom can balance and stand. NB! Use a lot of glue and hold the mushroom and the stem together until the glue hardens. Hide the assembly with a small amount of white carded wool which resembles snow – or some moss.
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