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A Wall Hanging for Christmas Cards & for Advent Calendar Presents


This wall hanging has four pockets. It is made from Vivi Gade fabric . It is decorated with decoupage paper. The finished wall hanging is mounted onto a wooden hanger, painted black.

How to do it
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Paint the hanger with black Plus Color Craft paint. Cut the following pieces of Vivi Gade Design fabric (from the Skagen series); height x width: 1 piece measuring 90 x 22cm, 4 pieces measuring 15 x 20cm, 2 pieces measuring 20 x 12cm.
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Iron vlieseline onto the back of all the cut-out pieces of fabric.
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On the four identical pieces of fabric (the pockets), fold 1.5cm inwards at the top and iron. Do the same in both sides and the bottom, however, only fold 1cm. Make a 3cm pleat in both sides.
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Print the template, which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Attach the template to the decoupage paper on top of a cutting mat and cut out. Also cut out 3cm wide borders from fabric, the same length as the table runner.
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Use the decoupage lacquer for fabrics for attching the cut-out pieces of decoupage paper onto the right side of the fabric.
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Sew decorative stitches onto the top of the pockets. Now attach the pockets onto the table runner by sewing into the outer folds of the sides of the pocket.
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Finally sew the bottom of the pocket onto the table runner.
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Fold all four sides of the long table runner inwards by 2cm towards the back of the fabric. Sew with the sewing machine.
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Fold the two identical pieces of fabric for straps and sew the sides.
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Sew the straps onto the table runner; one end of the strap onto the back and other onto the front. Sew on a button for decoration.
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