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Angels made from Vivi Gade Origami Paper


The angel and its twin are both wearing a dress, a collar and wings, made from circular pieces of Vivi Gade Design origami paper (the Helsinki series). The head is a wooden bead. A piece of natural hemp from the same series is used for hanging.

How to do it
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Fold the paper circle four times. Each time starting from the center.
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Making a total of 16 pleats. Use your fingers to make each score line sharp.
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Print the template, which is available as a separate PDF file to this idea. Cut out the collar and the wings and draw them onto the origami paper. Cut out.
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Tie a double knot at the end of the piece of natural hemp. Thread it onto a needle and push the needle through the dress, the collar and finally the wooden bead.
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Apply a small blob of glue on the back of the dress on two of the raised pleats. Attach the wings.
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