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Diamond-shaped Baubles made from Design Paper (the Paris Series)


These diamond-shaped baubles are origami-folded from sheets of Vivi Gade Design paper (the Paris series) cut in half. A piece of mercerised cotton yarn is used for hanging.

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Diamond-shaped Baubles made from Design Paper (the Paris Series)
Diamond-shaped Baubles made from Design Paper (the Paris Series)

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    How to do it
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    Cut a sheet of design paper in half; this is now a rectangular piece of paper. Note that the paper has a unique design on each side, so one sheet of design paper gives you two different looks.
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    NB: Each step of the origami folding process is shown using plain paper, making each pleat and fold more visible. The first fold is made lengthwise. Un-fold.
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    Fold each side of the paper towards the fold in the middle, making a “door”. You may use a bone folder to make sharp folds.
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    Now fold the “door”.
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    Pleating: Un-fold the paper completely and make a 2cm fold inwards across at one end of the rectangular piece of paper. NB: We have here chosen to make diamond shaped baubles with pleats with a 2cm gap, but it can be varied according to taste and ability – larger or smaller as you prefer. The smaller the gaps between each pleat, the more difficult the folding.
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    Continue the pleating/concertina folding carefully and precisely along the length of the paper.
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    Fold the diamonds as follows: Measure and use the bone folder to score the folds between the displayed points.
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    Make a rhombus over a fold; i.e. make a mirror-imaged triangle on each side of the fold line.
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    Use a ruler and only make the folds between the displayed points.
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    Score the entire pleats and folds as shown.
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    Use both hands to control the process when folding as shown from the center of the pleats/pleating.
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    This is what it looks like when folded!
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    Turn the other side upwards and fold each pleat. NB: The pleat furthest away should always be folded inwards towards the center.
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    This example shows a partially assembled bauble.
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    Use Clear Multi glue gel and glue together to form a bauble, following the origami folded pattern.
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