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A Folded Paper Star


A Chinese Star folded from Weaving Paper Strips.

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A Folded Paper Star
A Folded Paper Star

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    How to do it
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    Tie a knot at one end of the weaving paper strip.
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    Gently tighten the knot and flatten it. This is now an equilateral pentagon.
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    Tightly wrap the long end of the strip around the pentagon, whilst following the edge.
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    Tuck the small end of the strip underneath to hide it.
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    Continue wrapping the strip around the star until the right thickness is reached. Do not make it too thin. Make it thick enough for it give a slight resistance when pressed firmly, while pushing/pressing the star into shape. The smaller the star, the shorter the strip. You may use the entire strip for the largest star.
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    Cut off the strip close to the edge of the star.
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    Fold the end of the strip underneath the folds to hide it.
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    Push in all five sides using your thumb.
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    When making the big star, it may be necessary to glue two of the edges in place.
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    Use a needle to push a hole in the star for the piece of string for hanging.
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