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Masking Tape on Porcelain


Masking tape on porcelain. Use whole rows as well as small pieces. Apply a coat of decoupage lacquer for glass and porcelain to protect the decoration. NB! You may fix the porcelain in an oven but this makes the masing tape colours change slightly.

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Masking Tape on Porcelain
Masking Tape on Porcelain

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    How to do it
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    Attach masking tape and overlap the corners so that the pattern fits fairly well.
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    Trim the tape diagonally on all corners. Carefully remove the excess.
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    When cutting small pieces of masking tape for decoration, attach the masking tape onto a piece of backing paper. This makes it easier to manage the tape.
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    If the masking tape attached to the baking paper is plain, using a cutting mat with measurement guidelines may be useful.
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    When cutting squares or diamond shapes, attach the masking tape directly onto the cutting mat. Use its guidelines when cutting.
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    Remove the pieces of masking tape from the cutting mat and attach to the porcelain item.
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    Apply a coat of decoupage lacquer for glass and porcelain to the masking tape for added protection and then leave to dry.
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    It is not necessary but you may choose to fix the item for 30 minutes in a household oven at 160°C. It can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth after use. NB! The fixing changes the colour of the masking tape. White turns slightly yellow, blue slightly turquoise. The stated fixing time and temperature should be followed because it affects the colour change. Unless you want this change of colours as an extra effect of the finished result.
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    TIP! Prior to fixing, you may add further decoration to the item using a glass and porcelain marker.
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