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Sun top


Sun and summer and cheerful colours are combined in this sun top which is for everyone to make. It is tie-dyed in a tub. A design is drawn on using a fabric marker.

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Sun top
Sun top

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    How to do it
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    The top is washed at 40 degrees in the machine before dyeing. Fold the top in pleats and tie with cotton yarn (which is wrapped tightly around several times).
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    For this top we have used approx. 3.5 liters of water heated to 30-60 degrees in which 350g fine salt is dissolved. Normally, use 1 kg salt to 10 liters of water.
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    Add the colour. Here we have used approx. 35ml of ES Batik. Normally, use 100ml to 10 liters of water.
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    Dissolve approx. 70g medium fix in a little water. Normally, use 200g to 10 liters of water. Pour into the dye bath and mix.
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    Wet the fabric and put it into the dye bath for 30 min. It should float freely. Stir frequently.
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    Pour out the coloured water and rinse the top.
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    Cut off the cotton yarn.
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    Rinse the top until the water is clean and then wash it in the washing machine at 60 degrees.
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    Draw some palm trees with a fabric marker (remember plastic or something hard between the layers). Draw slowly and do not pull the fabric with the fabric marker.
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    Sew on small rocaille beads on the neckline and straps.
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