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Knitted bracelets

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Knitted bracelets
Knitted bracelets

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    How to do it
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    Cut 2 pcs. of thick thread of 60cm. in different colours and 1 pce of 25cm of the thin. Gather them and glue them in a end cap. Use super glue.
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    Now plaid 5 knots as shown. Always use the thread that faces your body.
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    Now put a bead on the thin threa in the middle. Keep on knitting 5 more knots. It has to be an uneven number for the colour to change from side to side. Continue until the bracelet fits. Remenber to include the lock.
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    To gather the ends when they are glued in the end cap, you can weld them together with a lighter. Mount an oval ring on each side and a lock in one of the sides.
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