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Creative techniques

Creative techniques – how to?

Do you want to know how to make jewellery? Or how you crochet? What is decoupage? What can you decoupage, and how do you do it? Taking up new creative hobby projects or refreshing your techniques can raise a lot of questions. But don’t worry – we will help you. We have collected some of the most popular, creative techniques and matching ideas on this site.  There are many ideas that you are easily guided through the techniques in the creative universe. For instance, you can learn how to paint and draw on various materials, how to decorate fabric, or how to paint in watercolour. So, you can confidently and safely start your creative pursuits – whether you are experienced or an absolute beginner.

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  1. Decoupage
    Inspiration: v20001 Decoupage

    Decoupage is a decoration technique for covering items with cut-out paper designs or napkin designs using glue lacquer and a brush.

  2. Masking on a Painting
    Inspiration: v13862 Masking on a Painting
  3. Decoupage on Plastic
    Inspiration: v15100 Decoupage on Plastic
  4. Decoupage on Glass
    Inspiration: v15091 Decoupage on Glass
  5. Doodling on Terracotta
    Inspiration: v15090 Doodling on Terracotta
  6. Painting and drawing on  Terracotta
    Inspiration: v15086 Painting and drawing on Terracotta
  7. Gilding on Papier-mâché
    Inspiration: v15075 Gilding on Papier-mâché
  8. Mosaics on Papier-maché
    Inspiration: v15074 Mosaics on Papier-maché
    Many papier-mâché products are ideal for decorating with mosaics. Choose whether you want the mosaics to cover the product partially or completely and if you want to apply mosaic filler in the gaps. We recommend Clear Multi Glue Gel for gluing glass mosaics which gives you a strong bond when dry.
  9. Relief Technique on Porcelain
    Inspiration: v15081 Relief Technique on Porcelain
  10. Watercolours on Plastic
    Inspiration: v15097 Watercolours on Plastic
  11. Painting and drawing on Plastic
    Inspiration: v15096 Painting and drawing on Plastic
  12. Relief Technique on Terracotta
    Inspiration: v15089 Relief Technique on Terracotta
  13. Decoupage on Terracotta
    Inspiration: v15088 Decoupage on Terracotta
  14. Painting & drawing with Plus Color
    Inspiration: v15087 Painting & drawing with Plus Color
  15. Painting and decorating on Wood
    Inspiration: v15076 Painting and decorating on Wood
  16. Decoupage on Papier-mâché
    Inspiration: v15059 Decoupage on Papier-mâché

Items 1-18 of 85

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