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Sensory motor skills

Sensory motor skills in the nursery

Gluing light feather down onto card birds

Margit, Nursery nurse

'For the little ones, participating was an especially great sensory experience. The children learned about the consistency as well as the effect of the glue, and how light feather down feels and how easily it can fly by gently blowing. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to talk to the children about the birds and the colours. That the shapes of the birds was already punched out was a great advantage as children of that age have not yet mastered cutting with scissors. I actually think this contributed to the fact that the children were especially proud when later on we decorated the ceiling with the colourful birds. Nobody had to guess what the shapes were supposed to be'.

See the children's results from the day where they glued feather down onto card birds and read what the nursery nurse said about the experience with the little ones. 

Sensory motor skills form an important foundation for the skills which a child should learn. A sensory motor challenge is a physical influence which is processed in the body into signals about a particular emotion or reaction.

Armed with this knowledge, we packed for a visit to a nursery near us. The bag contained coloured turkey down, punched-out card birds and VTR Glue which is suitable for young children to use because it sticks moderately and can be easily washed off with water. Here we attempt to share the atmosphere in the workshop, when the little ones started.

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