Foam Clay modelling material

This is why foam clay is so popular!


“Foam clay is especially fun to have in your hands, because there is tiny beads in it”  This is according to both adults and kids about the foam-like modelling materials, you can use to model figures and stick to various articles of for example, wood, fabric, cardboard and glass.

Here is the biggest advantages of Foam Clay:

  • Is easy and flexible, perfect for modeling
  • Sticks without to surface without staying on your hands and dries at room temperature
  • It does not stain or otherwise leave marks.

But there is actually even more

Decorate with Foam Clay

You can quickly transform emotionless articles and make them ready for play by decorating them with colourful design of Foam Clay. Just press it into place with smaller piece on article and spread the mass evenly with your fingers

If you wanna start decorating, we recommend the following.


  • The mass sticks best if the article hasen’t been painted beforehand
  • Avoid papiermache for small kids, as you can easily break the frail material by pressing too hard.

Fasten decorations and body parts with Foam Clay

You can easily improve a figure made from Foam Clay. For example with chenille as a pointy hairdo or funny plastic eyes. Simply anything sticks to the mass until it is left to dry.

If you want to decorate we recommend

Use Foam clay and Silk Clay together

Foam Clay is related to Silk Clay, and the two materials supplement each other really well when you want to model. Actually the only difference between is the consistency. As the name entails is Silk Clay, silk-like, but because Foam Clay has a lot of polystyrene beads added the consistency becomes more grainy and sticks a lot better to other items than Silk Clay does. By using both types together you can illustrate smooth teeth and messy hair just as an example of the great synergy.

Use tools to help in your work with Foam Clay

With tools you can make extra fine details when you work with Foam Clay. The mass can for example be rolled out into a plastic pocket and cut into shape after having dried.

If you want to use tools we recommend the following:

Mix Foam Clay into other colours

If you work as a teacher in the creative fields you have to teach kids how you in practical terms mix the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) into the other colours on the spectrum. Then you could try using Foam clay, that is easy to mix interchangeably to new colours. It is a new and refreshing experience with an ”A-ha! Effect” that opposite fluid paint doesn’t leave a mess.

Refreshing Foam Clay

By storing it in an airtight container Foam Clay has a long life time. So remember to put the lid back on immediately after use. Has the mass gotten dry anyway, it can regain its elasticity with alittle water and moulding in hand.

Foam Clay Ideas

Are you missing inspiration and ideas for what you can make with Foam Clay. Then merely look into our big archive of free ideas with Foam Clay and Silk Clay, that is one of our other incredible modelling materials, that can be used in combination with Foam Clay. The ideas span broadly from Foam Clay aliens with googly eyes and pompoms to a sheep made from Foam Clay on a mechanical part. You can also cast a glance at our many Foam Clay DIY-kits, where you will receive a materials set with all the materials you need for a certain figure.



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