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A wreath with plastic eggs and guinea fowl feathers


Make a wreath from plastic eggs threaded onto bonsai wire. Decorate the eggs with guinea fowl feathers and decorate the wreath further with small plastic egg shells, mini figures and white down.

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A wreath with plastic eggs and guinea fowl feathers
A wreath with plastic eggs and guinea fowl feathers

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    How to do it
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    Make holes at both ends of the large plastic eggs. Start by drilling with a heated darning needle and then use heated round-nose pliers or a knitting needle. Twist around and push to create the holes.
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    Apply decoupage lacquer onto the egg and attach a guinea fowl feather. Apply a coat of decoupage lacquer onto the guinea fowl feather outwards from the shaft of the feather.
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    Thread the eggs onto bonsai wire. We have used nine decorated eggs for this wreath. Twist the two ends of bonsai wire tightly together to make a closed wreath.
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    Make a loop with one end of the bonsai wire and twist the two ends together on the back of the wreath. Trim the excess bonsai wire.
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    Make a hole in the small plastic quail eggs or divide the eggs shells in two (eg: using a hammer).
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    Attach the egg shells and the rabbit figures onto the wreath using a glue gun.
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    Attach guinea fowl feathers and white down onto the wreath from the back using a glue gun.
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    You may make the wreath without a loop for hanging, placing it on a dish for decoration.
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