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A Teddy Brooch


Small teddies dressed in felt, decorative ribbons and tulle. The teddies are glued onto a brooch back.

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A Teddy Brooch
A Teddy Brooch

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    How to do it
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    A Pixie Girl
    Cut a piece of ribbon measuring approx. 15cm and sew small tack stitches along one side. Gather until it measures approx. 5cm.
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    Put the skirt around the teddy’s waist and sew it on.
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    Double over a piece of ribbon measuring approx. 4cm. Sew together and tighten the thread around the middle to make a small bow. Glue this onto the teddy’s head.
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    Glue wings and a brooch back onto the reverse.
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    A Pixie Boy
    Cut a piece of ribbon measuring approx. 10cm and tie it on as a scarf.
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    Cut a circle measuring approx. 2.5cm in diameter. Cut it in half.
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    Glue together to make a small cone, glue on a pom-pom and glue the hat onto the teddy’s head. Glue a brooch back onto the back of the teddy.
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    An Angel
    Cut a piece of tulle measuring 15x3cm. Double over and sew tack stitches in the folded edge. Put the skirt around the teddy’s waist.
    Guide step %d
    Glue a golden round jump ring onto a head pin.
    Guide step %d
    Glue the halo onto the teddy’s back with the wings and the brooch back.
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    A Button Pixie
    Cut a hat using the template and sew it together at the back.
    Guide step %d
    Glue a pom-pom onto the hat and fold it halfway down. Glue the fold so it stays in place. Glue the finished hat onto the teddy.
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    Sew a piece of red thread in the button. Glue the button on the teddy and finally glue the brooch back onto the back of the teddy.
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