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A Scrapbook made from a Notebook bound in Deco Foil


This scrapbook is made from a notebook which has been bound with a decorative plastic foil book cover. The cover is then decorated with masking tape, a printed photo portrait and a text made with foam rubber letters.

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A Scrapbook made from a Notebook bound in Deco Foil
A Scrapbook made from a Notebook bound in Deco Foil

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    How to do it
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    Cut a piece of decorative plastic foil 3cm larger all the way around the opened notebook. Apply a coat of glue onto the cover of the notebook and let it dry for approx. 5-7 min.
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    Attach the decorative plastic foil onto the glue-covered opened notebook. Smooth out to achieve an even surface.
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    Turn over the notebook. Turn all the pages of the book to one side, exposing the hard cover of the actual book. Use a pencil to mark (on the inside of the hard side) the area where you want the turn-up of the decorative plastic foil to finish. Repeat on t
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    Mark a line at an angle 3mm from each corner (onto the decorative plastic foil).
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    Measure the spine of the book and cut an incision on each side of this – at both the top and the bottom. Then cut a wedge diagonally, so that later you can easily turn up the decorative plastic foil book cover.
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    Trim the flap for the book spine – approx. 5mm from the edge.
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    Apply glue onto the flap with a brush and bend it round, attaching it to the inner side of the book spine. You may use the opposite end of the brush to help bending the flap.
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    Decorate the bound notebook with masking tape, a printed photo, a foam rubber face and text with self-adhesive foam rubber letters using your imagination.
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