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A Purse made from knitted Tube decorated with a Tassel


Make a purse from knitted tube using baby merino wool and a knitting mill. Also, make a tassel to attach onto the zip for decoration.

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A Purse made from knitted Tube decorated with a Tassel
A Purse made from knitted Tube decorated with a Tassel

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    How to do it
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    Knit 5.5 m knitted tube using a knitting mill and baby merino wool. Cut 18 pieces of knitted tube each measuring 30 cm. Avoid pulling/stretching the knitted tube too much when measuring (to make sure that all the pieces are all the same length).
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    Pick up the four stitches at one end of each of the pieces of knitted tube using a yarn needle.
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    Secure the wool at one end of all the pieces of knitted tube. Do not yet secure the wool at the other end.
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    Sew the pieces of knitted tube together in the same row of stitches ensuring a uniform finish. Make sure that the secured wool ends on all the pieces of knitted tube are turned the same way.
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    The sewn-up section of knitted tube will pull a bit and might not be uniform at the other end after having been sewn together. Unravel the ends until the section is the same length. Pick up the stitches with a yarn needle and secure the ends.
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    Sew the edge of the section with buttonhole stitches.
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    Measure the piece of sewn-together knitted tube section around a ready-made purse. Sew the sides together with a yarn needle and a piece of the wool used to make the knitted tube.
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    Place the ready-made purse inside the knitted section. Sew the edge of ready-made purse onto the knitted section as illustrated in the picture.
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    Make a tassel by wrapping the wool 40 times around, for example, a piece of card measuring approx. 7 cm or alternatively four fingers.
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    Insert the yarn needle inside the loop and tightly wrap the wool around approx. 25 times as closely to the yarn needle as possible as shown in the photo.
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    Pull out the yarn needle. Thread baby merino wool through the loop of the yarn needle and secure the end.
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    Push the yarn needle back through the loops at the top, but do not secure yet.
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    Cut open the loops at the bottom and trim at your chosen length.
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    Sew the tassel onto the zip with the wool still in the yarn needle (step 12). Sew two rounds through the loops and secure the yarn end inside the wraps.
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